April 21, 2015 Dr. Jacob Leachman: A Hydrogen Economy for Washington State – and for Jefferson County

Tuesday, April 21st at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center

On April 21st, the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program’s Key Speaker will address the opportunities associated with local production and use of the ultimate green fuel: hydrogen.

Dr. Jacob Leachman is Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the Pullman campus of Washington State University. Known at WSU for his HYPER Lab (Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research), Dr. Leachman is rapidly becoming the leading proponent for hydrogen fuels in Washington State.

Dr. Leachman’s presentation will cover basic facts about hydrogen, current ways of producing hydrogen using electrolyzers or fuel cells, cryogenic storage of liquid hydrogen; how hydrogen production can be used to balance an electric grid that contains an increasing amount of unpredictable intermittent renewable electricity from sun, wind and water; HYPER Lab testing of unmanned hydrogen-fueled aircraft, and various economic opportunities for hydrogen fuels in Washington State as well as here in Jefferson County.

Some of the information Dr. Leachman will provide is included in a much longer presentation he made to Google recently where hydrogen is described as “the Swiss army knife of energy.”


To watch a video of this presentation, please visit the link: http://porttownsendmedia.com//energy/Leachman.php


See earlier Key Speaker videos: http://www.porttownsendmedia.com/energy/Energy_presentations.html

For more information, call or text: 360-821-9368.  Ellen Falconer/Publicity

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