All County Picnic

Jefferson County All County Picnic
The Jefferson County 5th Annual All County Picnic will be August 20th at HJ Carroll Park in Chimacum.

Click here for more information. Be sure to return to this page see what we (the NPREP Team) offer at our Organized Neighborhoods – Best Practices booth.


All County Picnic

Individual/Family Preparedness

To help you, your family and those who depend upon you to prepare for an emergency or disaster, our NPREP team offers informational flyers and reference materials on subjects such as Food, Water, Grab&Go Bags, Sanitation and many more. You’ll also want to pick up your copy of our “Think, Plan, Do! Repeat” guide that outlines matters to consider and effective ways to prepare for an emergency. neighborhoods offer a great way to connect with your neighbors and provides updates from the Jefferson County Dept. of Emergency Management.

While at the picnic, visit the “Corn Dog” trailer and learn how easy it is to join many other HAM operators (ages 7 to over 70) to provide Amateur Radio Emergency Services throughout Jefferson County.

Neighborhood Preparedness

Join your NPREP neighborhood to learn about the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program. If your neighborhood isn’t organized yet we can provide a MYN training to help you get there.

Community Preparedness

There are many other opportunities available for you to serve in our community such as forming a boat fleet, preparing your school or businesses, developing distribution centers, working within faith-based organizations and many more. Most importantly, we’d like to invite you to join our NPREP team.

Jefferson County Preparedness

NPREP team asks you to consider joining the Jefferson County Regional Emergency Preparedness Network (JPREP) which is a network of representatives from county entities, emergency responders and community volunteers that work together to prepare for emergency or disaster. Quarterly meetings, exercises and other efforts are coordinated to communicate, plan and practice readiness in the case of different types of emergencies.





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