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Local 20/20 works in partnership with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to provide the official knowledge base and connections that only they can provide. The DEM website provides a wealth of information on emergency preparedness at the local, state and federal level. There you can learn all about the various alert systems, local plans and procedures, incidents in progress and more. Click on the cellphone icon to read about ,and sign-up for, NIXLE – the most reliable way to get timely alerts about local incidents.  Then click on the Library tab and scroll down to find several useful lists to help you prepare your household (including pets), your automobiles and your job site.

NPREP’s role in this partnership is to provide the outreach and personal assistance to help you and your neighbors organize. Please visit our Neighborhood Preparedness page to learn more. Watch this video on Peak Moment TV to learn about the partnership between Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management and Local 20/20.

Not in Jefferson County, Washington? Learn how to start a Neighborhood Preparedness program in your own community!

Community Preparedness as a Path to Transition – Is a two-part webinar hosted by Transition US demonstrating the process developed by two different Washington communities.

Part One: Methow Valley, WA – Community Preparedness Committee
Part Two: Jefferson County, WA – Neighborhood Preparedness Partnership (NOTE: Sound quality may be poor.)

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