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Letter from American Meteorological Society Regarding Climate Change

The American Meteorological Society wrote a letter recently to the President that is a nice succinct statement about the state of climate science. The text of the letter isContinue Reading

Resilience Review Column – Food-related book, movies on the menu

Here is Local  20/20s’ January Column in the Port Townsend  Leader (Thank you, PT Leader!), titled Resilience Review.  It is copied below, as submitted. Food Resilience in Jefferson County byContinue Reading

Farming Film Festival 2018

Learn about solutions to world hunger, land degradation and climate change at the North Olympic Peninsula Farming Film Festival 2018! The films will be shown most Mondays from January 22Continue Reading

Resilience Review Column – The Power of Telling a Story

Here is Local 20/20’s December column in the Port Townsend Leader  titled “Resilience Review”. (Thank you, PT Leader!) It is copied below, as submitted. The Power of Telling a StoryContinue Reading

Resilience Review Column – Spread the Word: Get Everyone Insured!

Here is Local 20/20’s November column in the Port Townsend Leader (go to page 9 of the Good Works section), titled “Resilience Review”. (Thank you, PT Leader!) It is copiedContinue Reading

Resilience Review Column – Happiness is a Community Resilience Conference

Here is Local 20/20’s October column in the Port Townsend Leader titled “Resilience Review”. (Thank you, PT Leader!) It is copied below, as submitted. There is unease across America; manyContinue Reading

Resilience Review Column – Public Buses: An Unfulfilled Potential

Here is Local 20/20’s September column in the Port Townsend Leader titled “Resilience Review”. (Thank you, PT Leader!) It is copied below, as submitted. Public Buses: Unfulfilled Potential By JoeContinue Reading

Resilience Review Column – King Tides or Crystal Ball?

Local 20/20 has a monthly column in the Port Townsend Leader titled “Resilience Review”. (Thank you, PT Leader!) Copied below is the August column, as submitted, about king tides andContinue Reading

Jefferson County All County Picnic

Resilience Review Column – Emergency Preparedness and All County Picnic on 8/20

Did you know Local 20/20 has a monthly column in the Port Townsend Leader? (Thank you, PT Leader!) This was done previously, and we recently restarted this. The July columnContinue Reading

Local 20/20’s Comments on Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

The Peninsula Daily News kindly asked Local 20/20 what our comments were regarding the President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and the published a nice article onContinue Reading

All County Picnic – Sunday August 20, 2017

Add to your calendar! The 2017 All County Picnic is just around the corner!  Please help us spread the word.    We hope to see you and your neighbors there!Continue Reading

May 1 – May Day Bike Festival

Gather at the Cotton Building to support bicycling and walking! Kick-off the start of Bike Month with League of American Bicyclists (LAB) national board member & representative, Steve Durrant CelebrateContinue Reading

People’s Climate March – April 29

Come join others from across the Olympic Peninsula to take to the streets for a safe climate, justice for all, and a prosperous clean-energy economy. We’ll be joining a hugeContinue Reading

Tomorrow (the film) — at the Rose 4/28-5/4

Here, finally, is some good news about what is going RIGHT with the world! TOMORROW is a beautifully filmed documentary presenting concrete, down-to-earth solutions for sustainable living and community resilience.Continue Reading

April 22: Celebrate Science and Earth Day (and Bigfoot?!) in Jefferson County

Come join us as we Celebrate Science and Earth Day (and Bigfoot?!) in Jefferson County! We will check in with the many of the Taming Bigfoot Carbon Footprint Reduction participantsContinue Reading

Energy Lunch: First Local Green Fuel Use Can Be in New Low-Cost 26 kW Gensets

Thursday March 16th, 2017, 12:30 PM at Port Townsend Yacht Club in the Boat Haven, 2503 Washington Street. It’s been nearly six years since Ted Hollinger of Hydrogen Engine CenterContinue Reading

Reaching Blue Film Showing – March 17

REACHING BLUE, a film about Climate Change in the Salish Sea, will be shown on Friday March 17th, 6:30 pm, at the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, at 2333 San JuanContinue Reading

Carsharing in Jefferson County using District EVs – A Local Energy Opportunity

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 from 12 PM  – 2 PM Port Townsend Yacht Club in the Boat Haven LEO Presenter and Public Discussion Facilitator: Perry Spring, Energy Systems and EfficiencyContinue Reading

Energy Lunch: “Assessing Local Energy Values: The Bainbridge Public Power Campaign”

Key Speakers this month: Jane Lindley & Steve Johnson from Bainbridge Island’s Island Power Location: The Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street in the Boat Haven Date: Thursday, JanuaryContinue Reading

PERSPECTIVE: What Can We Control? All Things Local

Here is a Perspective Piece from the Port Townsend Leader that Larry Dennison and Cindy Jayne wrote on behalf of Local 20/20, highlighting the reasons for focusing on local issuesContinue Reading

Benefits of Public Power from Local Transportation Electrification

JJ McCoy,Senior Policy Associate, NW Energy Coalition, Seattle WA Thursday December 15th at 12:30 PM, Port Townsend Yacht Club Our focus this month will be on the benefits derived byContinue Reading

Climate Change Class – An Overview from Planet to Port Townsend – Starts Dec 3rd

Climate change mitigation (reducing greenhouse gases) and adaptation (preparing for climate impacts) are some of the most complex issues we’ve faced as a society. Learn more about both the globalContinue Reading

King Tide Viewing Party Nov 18th Port Townsend

  Each winter, king tides—the highest tides of the year—offer a spectacular shoreside show and a sneak preview of what rising sea levels will mean in years to come. JoinContinue Reading

November 17th, 2016, Continued Solarization of Jefferson County: How WA-made Itek Can Help”

Jesse Wear, Regional Sales Manager, Itek Energy, Bellingham, WA   Thursday, November 17th at 12:30 PM, Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend     This month’s EnergyContinue Reading

October 20th, 2016: Bonneville Environmental Foundation “Developing Community-Based Renewable Energy in Jefferson County”

Thursday October 20th at 12:30, Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend. Dick Wanderscheid, Vice President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland Oregon In recent months the Jefferson County EnergyContinue Reading

September 15, 2016: Road Map to 100% Renewable Energy in Jefferson County

Thursday, Sept 15th at 12:30 PM,  Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend WA Energy Technology [ET] or tools for working with energy is frequently the focus ofContinue Reading

August 18th, 2016: Public Power Operations in Jefferson County: A Special Forum

Thursday, August 18th at 12:30 PM Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend Rather than outside energy experts this month’s Energy Lunch program will feature two key speakersContinue Reading

X Prize $2000

  Local 20/20 is proud to be sponsoring X PRIZE $2000, a competition between teams of students at Port Townsend High School. Students who opt to participate will work withContinue Reading

Time to Choose – Extended June 24 – 30th!

Due to the very large turnout for the screening of TIME TO CHOOSE last week, The Rose Theatre has kindly brought the movie back for one week only. The provocative and hard-hittingContinue Reading

Global Temperature Increase Graphic

Check out this interesting graphical way of displaying temperature changes since 1850:   Spiralling global temperatures from 1850-2016 (full animation) — Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) May 9, 2016Continue Reading

Sonic Sea Documentary – May 23

Come see Sonic Sea, an award winning film on how ocean noise from vessel traffic, Navy sonar and drilling imperils marine life, and how it may be mitigated.  Meet KenContinue Reading

April 27 Presentation on More Affordable Dental Care Options

Access to preventive care, including preventive dental cleanings, was identified as one of the 4 major health priorities (2014 Jefferson Priority Factsheets AccesstoCare) in Jefferson County in 2014. Come learn aboutContinue Reading

Tues April 19 – Highlights and Inspirations from the Paris Climate Conference

In celebration of Earth Week, the Port Townsend / Jefferson County Climate Action Committee will hold a special meeting featuring a presentation by Laura Tucker and Hank Walker.  Laura andContinue Reading

March 2016 Community Read – A Month of Climate Change-Focused Events

The Port Townsend Library has selected Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything for 2016’s Community Read, and has a full line up of engaging and informative events related to climate changeContinue Reading

Rural Energy Grant Workshop Feb 17th

Your local business, farm or ranch may be eligible for grant funding for a renewable energy or energy efficiency system. For those who own a for-profit small business, farm orContinue Reading

Jan 31 – Climate Change & the Plant-Based Diet – Howard Lyman

Author, environmentalist, former cattle rancher, and co-defendant with Oprah Winfrey on the Amarillo Texas beef trial, Howard Lyman will be speaking on sustainability and the dangers of current methods ofContinue Reading

Climate Rally in PT 11/29 / Climate Documentary 11/30

Two *Hot* Climate Opportunities – a rally on Sunday in PT and a new free Time to Choose climate documentary streaming Monday and Tuesday 11/30-12/1 only. See details below. RallyContinue Reading

November 19, 2015: Eric Moe – District Heating: Developing Thermal Energy Systems in Jefferson County

District Heating: Developing Thermal Energy Systems in Jefferson County Speaker: Eric Moe, Senior Developer, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Thursday, November 19 at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street,Continue Reading

Taming Bigfoot Carbon Footprint Competition – Join Now!

Taming Bigfoot is a team challenge that makes it fun to reduce your carbon footprint – a number that measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with your activities.Continue Reading

Oct 27&29, Nov 11- Preparing for Climate Change in the North Olympic Peninsula

The “Climate Change Preparedness Plan for the North Olympic Peninsula” recently issued by the North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development Council (NOP RC&D) will be presented by Kate DeanContinue Reading

October 22, 2015: Dave Sjoding – Local Energy Plans: Electricity, Heat, Transport, Food & Water

Local Energy Plans: Electricity, Heat, Transport, Food & Water Speaker: Dave Sjoding, CHP/Renewable Energy Specialist, WSU Energy Program Thursday, October 22 at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street,Continue Reading

September 17: Kevin Mass – Local Energy Project Development & Financing

Understanding Local Energy Project Development & Financing Speaker: Kevin Maas, Owner, Glacier Energy, Inc. Thursday, September 17th at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend To watchContinue Reading

August 20, 2015: Günter Mögele – The Energiewende Message From Germany: Local Prosperity

Lessons from Germany: Leveraging Energiewende for Local Prosperity Speaker: Günter Mögele, Deputy Mayor, Wildpoldsried, Germany Thursday, August 20th at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend TheContinue Reading

July 14 Drought Forum for Jefferson County

We had a great turnout at the event. Here are the slides from the presentations. The North Olympic Development Council is organizing a public forum on drought issues in JeffersonContinue Reading

July 16, 2015: Brian Young: “Developing the Energy Sector of the Jefferson Co. Economy”

“Developing the Energy Sector of the Jefferson County Economy” Brian Young, Governor’s Clean Technology Sector Lead Washington State Department of Commerce, Seattle WA Thursday, July 16th at 12:30 PM •Continue Reading

June 18, 2015: Alex Wilken, Seattle Boat Works: “Developing Electric Propulsion Systems for Jefferson County Boats”

“Developing Electric Propulsion Systems for Jefferson County Boats” Alex Wilken, Family Owner, Seattle Boat Works, LLC, Seattle WA Thursday, June 18th at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the Port TownsendContinue Reading

International Transition Town Trainer Coming to Port Townsend June 16-20, 2015

Tina Clarke is an internationally known Transition Town trainer a Certified Transition Town Trainer with the global Transition movement ( and will be in Port Townsend June 16 – 20 toContinue Reading

May 21, 2015. Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc. “Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County”

“Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County” Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc., Campbell CA Thursday, May 21st at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the PortContinue Reading

April 21, 2015 Dr. Jacob Leachman: A Hydrogen Economy for Washington State – and for Jefferson County

Tuesday, April 21st at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center On April 21st, the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program’s Key Speaker will address the opportunities associated with local productionContinue Reading

May 1 Event – Kathleen Dean Moore “Broken Clouds: Finding Clarity and Moral Courage in a Time of Climatic Change”

Kathleen Dean Moore, a philosopher, nature writer, and public speaker, will give a talk titled “Broken Clouds: Finding Clarity and Moral Courage in a Time of Climatic Change.” Her workContinue Reading

The Jefferson Co Grain and Bean Project, April 3rd, 6.30-8.30 pm

This evening program at the Chimacum Grange will reinvigorate the local conversation about growing grains and beans in Jefferson Co, and what knowledge and equipment is needed to support aContinue Reading

March 17, 2015: Tonia Buell, ” The Status of Local Electric Vehicle Development Activity Across WA. State”

   “Status of Local EV Development Activity Across Washington State” Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships, Washington State Department of Transportation, Olympia WA Tuesday, March 17th at 12:30 PMContinue Reading

February 17, 2015: Daryl Williams of Tulalip Tribes, Director of Qualco Energy, Monroe WA

Keys to Successful Biodigester Operations in Snohomish County” The Key Speaker for February directs the operations of a successful anaerobic biodigester in Snohomish County that uses microorganisms to process biodegradableContinue Reading

Feb 7th Event – Climate Change and Reasons for Hope

Update: see the list of organizations participating here! Climate Change news can be overwhelming, every week there seems to be more reasons for concern. But there is hope. The tideContinue Reading

Tuesday, January 20th- Phil Lusk, Deputy Director of Power & Telecommunications in the Dept. of Public Works of the City of Port Angeles

The Key Speaker for January’s Energy Lunch Program of Jefferson County is Phil Lusk who is the Deputy Director of Power and Telecommunications in the Department of Public Works ofContinue Reading

Climate Migration?

The Pacific Northwest will soon become a “climate refuge” according to an article penned by Cliff Mass, a University of Washington professor of atmospheric science and local climate blogger. AccordingContinue Reading

Cargo Container Home

Take a tour through this amazing off-grid Tiny House made from a 20 foot cargo container… Last updated:Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 16th, 2014: Senator Bob Hasegawa, Washington State Legislature, Olympia WA

Tuesday, December 16th at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center: In December, Energy Lunch attendees heard from a strong Washington State voice for the creation of state chartered banking operationsContinue Reading

November 18, 2014: Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist, UFA Ventures

The Key Speaker for the Energy Lunch Program in November was Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist at UFA Ventures in Richland, Washington.His talk is titled:“Why New Nuclear Energy Should Be InContinue Reading

Clark County Experience with Food System Council

This is a You Tube video of a recent meeting held at the Chimacum Grange, Wednesday, October 1st, in which Theresa Cross describes her 7 years of experience assisting the ClarkContinue Reading

Nov Events: Home Energy Audit Workshop and Climate Change and Antarctica Talk

November 8th and November 14th are the dates for two exciting local climate action events in Jefferson County: Free Home Energy Audit WorkshopSaturday November 8, 10:00 am – 12:00 pmJeffersonContinue Reading

Applicants Sought for a Local Food Council

WSU and Citizens for Local Food are collaborating to launch a new Local Food Council for Jefferson County.  The vision is to attract volunteers from across the entire food system:  farmers,Continue Reading

Community Forum on Ocean Health/Acidification – Oct 7th 6:30 PM

There is a talk on ocean health on October 7th, including ocean acidification. Speakers are Dr. Simone Alin, Supervisory Oceanographer at NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab; and Betsy Peabody, theContinue Reading

Learn about Local Food System Council

Wednesday, October 01, 2014, 06:00pm – 08:00pm Come hear about Clark County’s 7 year experience with a Local Food System Council, a group with membership across the various food sectors, from farmers, toContinue Reading

[local2020] Event Announcements for 9/17/2014

Local 20/20 Event Announcements ===============================================================CONTENTS for 9/17/2014 Make Your Transition. . . ============================================================= NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS EMAIL ADDRESS! ============================================================= How To Post an Announcement?  Send it to! ============================================================= NEW LOCALContinue Reading

People’s Climate Marches in Port Townsend, Sequim and Port Angeles

Come join in the People’s Climate March in Port Townsend on Sunday, September 21, 3:00 – 4:30 pm, at Pope Marine Park, and be part of a worldwide climate demonstration!Continue Reading

Energy Lunch September 16, 2014

Tues., September 16, 2014, 12:30-1:30 PM:  Ryan Dicks, the Sustainability Manager for Pierce County, will be the presenter of this month’s Jefferson County Energy Lunch program. He directs Pierce County programsContinue Reading

All County Picnic – Help spread the word!

The 2014 All County Picnic is not to be missed!  Please help us spread the word.  You can email this poster or download this larger file to print and postContinue Reading

Energy Lunch August 19, 2014

Tues., August 19, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m.: Mark Miller, an account executive at the Bonneville Power Administration, will discuss BPA operations and BPA’s wholesale purchase of electric power. His presentation willContinue Reading

Useful Links?

I would love some suggestions for useful and interesting outside links that relate to the Action Groups listed on the “Other Groups” page.  Just include the link in a commentContinue Reading

All-New Website!

Local 20/20 has a brand new website! The new site has been produced using the WordPress platform, a change facilitated by Nate Malmgrem of CodePress in Port Townsend.  Most of ourContinue Reading

Volunteers Needed to Havest Food Bank Gardens

There are now 3 food bank gardens in PT and help is needed on Wednesday morning 7:30 – 9:30am and Saturday 9-11am to harvest and help get fresh produce toContinue Reading

Climate Change Lobbying Workshop

June 29 (Sunday), 2:30 to 5:00 PM, Elwha Klallam Heritage Center, 401 East First Street, Port Angeles A new group is forming to lobby our Jefferson County and Clallam CountyContinue Reading

Energy Lunch July 15, 2014

Tues., July 15, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m.:  Dahr Jamail, a staff reporter for Truthout and a former producer and journalist for Al Jazeera in the Middle East, will present at this month’s Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program.Continue Reading

Energy Lunch May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014: Clallam Transit System’s General Manager Wendy Clark-Getzin, PE, and Maintenance Manager Kevin Gallacci discuss the ongoing evolution of their public transit system and what sort of energy supplyContinue Reading

The Dynamics of Disaster

Author Susan W. Kieffer speaks on the Dynamics of Disaster on Sunday, June 8 at 3:00 PM at Key City Public Theater. Tickets are $15 and available through orContinue Reading

All County Picnic

Be sure to mark your calendar for this year’s All County Picnic! Sunday, August 17 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM HJ Carroll Park A Gathering of Neighborhoods Photo by ShellyContinue Reading

Free Food Film Series

Twelve inspiring movies will be shown January 22 – March 17 at a variety of venues. Click on the image below and then click on the movie names in theContinue Reading

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