Health and Wellness

The Intent

To facilitate the dissemination of information about the many ways residents of East Jefferson County can access services that will help in their quest for health and wellness.

Projects, Past and Present

Organized in 2005, under the name of Jefferson County Citizens for Healthcare Access, the group focuses on improving the communication between the organizations that are concerned about the health and wellness of local residents. The group meets monthly to share information, ideas and energy around healthcare issues, working consistently to publicize the value of universal healthcare that would cover everyone from birth; improved Medicare for All. We are open to looking at various mechanisms, such as single payer, to achieve this goal.

We are an Action Group working within the structure of Local 20/20 to continue our efforts. The original emphasis was on education so we have organized several presentations and workshops over the ten years on issues related to WA health policy, statistics about local health and wellness, most recently a presentation on dealing with medical debt. We have hosted candidate forums for member meetings, that are open to the public. We are non-partisan and do not endorse candidates. We support the goals of the Community Healthcare Improvement Plan (CHIP). We have worked in calling out issues with the hospital when discovered and worked cooperatively with them to address our concerns. We worked with a grant from UW to prepare the Guide to Mental Health Recovery in Jefferson County that the local NAMI chapter has put on their web page and updates as necessary. We maintain a list of people who signed up at the workshops and presentation to receive emails about health issues. We have an ongoing effort to publicize the problem of medical debt leading to long term financial problems. The other persistent effort is to ensure every resident of East Jefferson County has access to healthcare when they need it. This effort is in line with the United Nations policy that Healthcare is Human Right.

Opportunities to Participate

The group meets almost every month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8 to 9:30 am in the Public Health Conference room. Since the meeting date and time changes occasionally the best way to keep track is to sign up on the email list which you can do by email, see below.  Usually the meetings are on the Local 20/20 calendar  as well as in the Local 20/20 weekly announcements.

We also are open to having other sub groups work with us, perhaps on concerns other than access, such as wellness fairs, death with dignity, hospice issues, etc. Feel free to write us and discuss ideas you may have.

Contact Info

For more information about the group or the agenda for the next meeting, email Jenifer Taylor

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