Food Bank Gardens

Volunteers are welcome to help plant, cultivate and harvest vegetables anytime in food bank gardens, after checking with Garden Managers. Volunteer help is needed especially on Wednesday mornings 7:30 – 9:00 am and Saturdays 9-11 am to harvest and help deliver fresh produce to the Port Townsend and Tri-Area Food Banks.  Volunteers are encouraged to harvest weekly produce for their families from these gardens too. Contacts for each garden are listed below. Please call for more information.

Mountain View Y
MCA Garden
Tucked into a corner of the Mountain View Commons that houses the Port Townsend Food Bank, City Pool, KPTZ and YMCA, this small garden is growing food for the “Y” Youth Program snack service with some produce going to the food bank from time to time, picked and delivered by the kids. Y-volunteers help kids and Y-staff cultivate the garden.

Contact: Nate Wold, 316-841-7043


Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden
Located behind Quimper Grange on Corona Street, this 7,000 sq ft garden is dedicated to growing organic fruit and vegetables for the Port Townsend Food Bank.
Contact: Jo Yount 360-385-0456 or Emily Stewart 517-231-1332


Woodland Hills Community Food Bank Garden
Located in the Woodland Hills Neighborhood (across from the airport), this 5,000 sq ft garden will be delivering organic vegetables to both Port Townsend and Tri-Area Food Banks starting in Spring, 2018.
Contact: Lys Burden 360-301-0982


Hancock Food Bank Garden
Located on Hancock Street in Port Townsend, this garden site will also produce organic vegetables for the Port Townsend Food Bank, starting in Spring, 2018.
Contact: Jess Colson 614-558-3524


PT High School and Food Bank Garden
The PTHS Garden produces food for the Port Townsend Food Bank in the summer months, when school is not in session. During the school year, organic food is grown by students for school cafeterias, with any surplus going to the food bank.  
Contact: Zack Gayne 206-992-8368

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