Food Bank Gardens

Help is needed on Wednesday morning 7:30 – 9:30am and Saturday 9-11am to harvest and help get fresh produce to the PT Food Bank. Contacts for each garden are listed below. Please call for more information. 

Mountain View Food Bank Garden
Tucked into a corner of the Mountain View Building that houses the City Pool, this garden is growing food fully dedicated to the Food Bank produce supply.
Contact: Karen Kastel 360-531-2536

Quimper Grange Garden
Now dedicated to grow produce for the food bank.
Contact: Jo Yount 385-0456 or Emily Stuart 517-231-1332

PT High School and Food Bank Garden
The PTHS garden produces food for the FB in the summer months, when school is not in session. During the school year, the goal is for food to be grown for the high school cafeteria, with any surplus going to the FB.
Contact: Zack Gayne

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