Food Council

Food Council’s Lessons Learned

This document has motivated Jefferson County to begin exploring the instigation of our own Local Food Council.
Discussion is in process now with the intention of launching a Food and Farm Council in fall of this year, 2014.

PDFimg Food Council’s Report


Applicants Sought for Food Council

WSU and Citizens for Local Food are collaborating to launch a new Local Food Council for Jefferson County.  The vision is to attract volunteers from across the entire food system:  farmers, value added producers, regulatory people, health educators, restauranteurs, institutional food service folks, food retail, food security/food bank representatives, Grange members, resource waste management,  elected officials, and concerned citizens, willing to meet several times a year specifically to consider how to strengthen our local food access for all.

Anyone with a commitment to community building and collaboration may fill out a Statement of Interest, and return it to WSU by the deadline, October 20th.  The Statement of Interest can be downloaded at:

The hope is to have a council formed by late November or early December, with the first business meeting held sometime in January 2015.


Action Group and Food Council Meetings

Citizens for Local Food will continue to meet monthly as the food – related Action Group within Local 2020.  The Local Food Council, once formed, will be a different, autonomous group with it’s own vision, mission, and agenda, as well as web access elsewhere.  The purpose of the Council will be to continue to streamline the local food SYSTEM, and its members will not be expected to implement the necessary actions determined to be necessary.

For further information about the Food Council formation, contact Judith Alexander at

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