Local Food: Links, Videos, Flyers and More…

Local Food

Link: Local Food Systems

Podcast: Understanding What You Eat

Video (28 min): How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House? Turn your own yard into a significant source of food.

Flyer: PDFimg Tips on Eating Locally

Flyer: PDFimg TASTE  East Jefferson County

Flyer: PDFimg Indigenous Foods of Coast Salish Tribes

Community Gardens

Link: The American Community Gardening Association

Podcast: Community Gardening in Port Townsend

Video (14 min): How Many Community Gardens? Describes the proliferation of collectively grown community neighborhood gardens in Port Townsend, WA

Yahoo Group: Jefferson County Food and Garden
Click to join ptcommunitygardens Click here if you are already a member


Video (4 min): Soil Solutions to Climate Problems – Narrated by Michael Pollan

GMO Foods

Film (110 min): The World According to Monsanto

Film (80 min): Seeds of Death

Film (60 OR 85 min): Genetic Roulette

Short Film (30 min): Seeds of Freedom

Flyer: PDFimg GMO Resources 2015

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