Transportation Lab


The Intent

The Transportation Lab is an Action Group working to promote a transportation system that minimizes need for personal motor vehicles.  Such a transportation system must be safe, convenient and healthy, and it must be based on:

  • People walking, the most healthful mode;
  • People bicycling, the most efficient mode;
  • Mass transit, the most efficient for moving large numbers of people:
  • Private vehicles for providing services and moving small numbers of people.

Greenhouse gas emission data for Jefferson County indicate that transportation is responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gases, larger than commercial, industrial or residential sectors.  Because most transportation mode shifts require altering people’s behavior and habits, they are more difficult and have attracted far less attention than efforts to decrease energy use in buildings and industry.

Yet, every day all of us make transportation choices the moment we choose to walk or bike or step into our cars for errands.  Choosing transit requires extra planning too, because our schedules need to be adjusted to bus schedules.

Building a more sustainable transportation system and healthier lifestyles will require refocused decisions by government as it owns and manages the roadways, parking, sidewalks and pathways that make up such a large portion of our transportation infrastructure. Government also manages our land use planning, zoning and development, which determine how we build our communities. Roadways are the largest public space in our urban realms, consuming 20 to 40% of the land surface.  What kind of transportation system would we want if we were able to design our system from scratch?

Projects, Past and Present

Transportation Lab is actively working on:

  • An event to promote walking and biking opportunities in Port Townsend
  • Outreach and activities to promote alternatives to driving
  • Exploring opportunities for funding active transportation

Port Townsend’s First Parklet!

Past projects include:

  • Created Port Townsend Walking Times Map
  • Staged Parklet Demo on Water Street during Wooden Boat Festival, 2014
  • Conducted a walking audit for Chimacum Schools
  • Provided recommendations for the Jefferson County and Port Townsend comprehensive plans
  • Hosted the regional transportation plan review in Port Townsend in 2013
  • Conducted the first PT Pedalpalooza in July, 2012 – a weeklong celebration of fun bicycling activities in Port Townsend; coming again soon!
  • Organized increased participation in Bike/Walk to School Days in 2011/2012
  • Wrote a chapter for the NWEI Choices for Sustainable Living Course

NWEI Discussion Course Book


Port Townsend Pedalpalooza 2012

More Information

See our Walking page for information on local walking maps and resources, our Biking page for local bicycling resources, and our Transit, Rideshare, and Biodiesel page for local information on those topics.

Opportunities to Participate

Transportation Lab meets the 4th Monday of every month, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.  We welcome anyone interested in these issues to attend. Meeting location varies, for current location or for more information, please contact

Contact Information

If you are interested in participating in the Transportation Lab or have questions, e-mail


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