Tuesday, January 20th- Phil Lusk, Deputy Director of Power & Telecommunications in the Dept. of Public Works of the City of Port Angeles

The Key Speaker for January’s Energy Lunch Program of Jefferson County is Phil Lusk who is the Deputy Director of Power and Telecommunications in the Department of Public Works of the City of Port Angeles where a municipal electric utility has been in operation for more than 120 years.  He has realized the great significance of currently available low-power, low heat, yet high-intensity switchable LED lighting to local energy efficiency and conservation.

Mr. Lusk will explain his current interest in LED technology as a major new part of the Port Angeles energy plan. Following the 2011 closure of hydropower generation on the Elwha River, Port Angeles currently gets all of its power from BPA. Its energy plan includes energy conservation and efficiency as the favored resource for meeting future electric power loads.

In 1961 a light-emitting diode (LED) initially used only for very low power IT applications such as red numeric displays in calculators and as light sources in optical communications is now, fifty years later, a technology which has been extended to a great many applications in industrial, commercial and residential lighting.

Since up to one fourth of world electricity consumption is used for lighting purposes, LEDs can contribute to saving the Earth’s resources.

                    To view this presentation, please click: http://porttownsendmedia.com//energy/Lusk.php


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