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rainforest mushroomLocal 20/20, an all-volunteer grassroots organization located in East Jefferson County, WA, is dedicated to promoting self-reliance, sustainability and resiliency at a community level… moving us toward a lighter environmental footprint and a greater capacity to adapt to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic instability.

Our Mission Statement:

Working together toward local sustainability and resilience – integrating ecology, economy and community through action and education.

If you are new to Local 20/20, you will probably want to explore the More About Local 20/20 menu on the sidebar. You can also see some of our 2017 highlights and 2018 plans from this January 2018 presentation.

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The Overview page will give you an idea of how 20/20 is organized and how it operates.  Our Story goes into more detail about just how it has evolved since its inception in 2006. And Partners acknowledges the many organizations that have worked with us on various projects – as well as the importance of collaboration in general.

Most of what happens in Local 20/20 happens in Action Groups, each focused on a different (though interrelated) aspect of sustainability. You can find out more about individual Action Groups – what they are about and what they are up to – by clicking on the menu bar just below the page header (or on the chart above). Each active Action Group has its own set of pages on the site.

All County Picnic 1 SRKeep abreast of the latest goings-on in the resiliency sphere by checking out the Local 20/20 Event Announcements newsletter . Events might include films, presentations, meetings, work parties, festivals … anything which has a bearing on Local 20/20’s mission statement – not just those sponsored by 20/20.  You will also find instructions for posting your own event.  Much of this information can be found on the Calendar as well.

ClotheslineThe listing of Posts on the sidebar may be almost anything…questions, announcements, suggestions, articles, videos, photos, action group updates, or any other information relevant to our mission statement.   Most invite your comments.  Please feel free to join in the conversation.

Posts are organized by Action Group or Local 20/20 in general, so the posts that you see listed on this page’s sidebar will be different than those you see on, for example, the Climate Action pages.

And if you are feeling the need to do something, there are certainly plenty of options. You might check out the How You Can Participate page for some suggestions.

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This site is dedicated to the memory and vision of Steve Hamm. “We live best when guided by the light from our hearts.” – Steve Hamm “The One and Only Life of Many”, November 2013


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