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Energy Lunch Programs

The Jefferson County Energy Lunch series invites energy experts to present to our interested citizens, business leaders, government officials, and energy professionals.

The monthly Energy Lunch programs, held every third Tuesday at the Port Townsend Community Center (620 Tyler St. in Uptown), are aimed at increasing awareness of how energy, energy technology and energy policy affect life and business in Jefferson County.

Participants are welcome to bring their lunch and arrive at noon to join an informal conversation with local energy professionals. Programs begin at 12:30 p.m. and are followed by a Q&A session, which typically wraps up around 1:30 p.m. A workshop and panel discussion further exploring the speaker's topic usually follows from 2-3 p.m.


Tues., Apr. 15, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m.:  Paul B. Manson, President & CEO of Sea Breeze Power Corp., a Vancouver, Canada-based diversified renewable energy company, is the presenter at this month’s Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program.

Manson's talk will present his financing experiences with renewable energy projects, not as a “how-to,” but as useful background and support for those facing such challenges locally. His experiences include the use of professional studies, addressing political obstacles, engaging the specialized financing needed in the electric power industry, and taking into account the accelerating transition from reliance on the fossil fuel industry.

Read the advance press notice.

Scroll down for the archive of past programs.


Our 2014 fiscal sponsors are Power Trip Energy Corp., Port Townsend Paper Corp., Sunshine Propane, Alaska Power & Telephone Co., the Port of Port Townsend, Huber’s InnFrederickson Electric, and Spyglass Energy Solutions (website coming). When you patronize these businesses, please thank them for their support!

2014 sponsors include (L to R) Robert Yourish of Sunshine Propane, Larry Crockett of the Port of Port Townsend, Andy Cochrane of Power Trip Energy Corp., and Letitia Huber of Huber's Inn.


PAST PROGRAMS are video-archived at http://www.porttownsendmedia.com/energy/Energy_presentations.html(external link)

Mar. 18, 2014:  Kurt Cobb, author and speaker from Portland, Ore., examines four key rates of energy flow — the rate of extraction of fossil fuels, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions, the rate of conversion to a new energy infrastructure, and the rate of energy consumption — and the implications for our energy destiny. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Feb. 18, 2014:  Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann, an internationally recognized authority on waste management and resource recovery, addresses the ecologic-economic challenges and opportunities associated with waste treatment technologies, and how moving away from landfill operations can contribute to economic development, climate action goals, sustainable jobs, local energy security, and resource recovery. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Jan. 21, 2014:  Virgil Beaston, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Powin Energy in Oregon, outlines the “state of the art” in battery storage technology. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Dec. 17, 2013:  Stephen Crolius, head of the Clean Tech practice at Alliance Consulting Group in Boston, addresses how Jefferson County can move away from fossil fuels to local energy, and what that energy mix might look like in 2025 (he posits it will be primarily electricity, with anhydrous ammonia for storage). (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Nov. 19, 2013:  Jan Lars Mueller, executive director of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA (ASPO-USA), speaks on local innovation and investment, and on adapting to a "New Energy Reality." (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Oct. 15, 2013:  Mike Henson, the chief security officer at NoaNet, discusses the need for both information and energy network security. His talk will focus on the two networks newly acquired by our county's Public Utility District---the electric grid and fiber optic/wireless broadband communications. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Sept. 17, 2013:  Brian Evans, Ph.D., a project manager and development engineer at the Space Propulsion Group, Inc., in Sunnyvale, Calif., discusses using local green energy to produce ammonia to power gas turbine generators. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Aug. 20, 2013:  Richard C. Locke, the executive director of the state’s new Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness (which incorporated the Energy Office), speaks to the developing energy policies of Governor Jay Inslee’s administration, with special commentary on how these state-wide plans might impact the numerous Jefferson County energy operations, programs, and projects now underway. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

July 16, 2013:  Tom Saxton, board member and chief science officer at Plug In America and a pioneer in the use of electric vehicles (EVs), discusses their benefits and the potential for EV tourism on the Olympic Peninsula. Check out his blog. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

June 18, 2013:  Gary Petersen of TRIDEC (Tri-City Development Council) describes the Hanford nuclear site and clean-up operations as well as current economic development plans, including continued operation of the Columbia Nuclear Power Plant and existing and future renewable energy projects. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

May 21, 2013:  John Miedema of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative and BioLogical Carbon, LLC, discusses producing biofuels and biochar with pyrolysis and the opportunities this presents for local energy storage. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Apr. 16, 2013:  Jim Patton, executive director of the Port of Coupeville (which owns Greenbank Farm), and John Hastings, president and founding member of Island Community Solar on Whidbey Island, discuss profitably developing the solar energy on local farmland. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Mar. 19, 2013:  Brad Beauchamp from ROUSH CleanTech in Michigan explains the production and use of propane as a transportation fuel and describe how ROUSH came to launch its CleanTech initiative. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Feb. 19, 2013:  Representatives from Jefferson County’s Public Utility District #1 (PUD) and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) provide an update on the transition of our electric utility from private to public. The launch of the new public power utility is April 1. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Jan. 15, 2013:  Norm Olson, director of the Iowa Energy Center at Iowa State University, discusses the role of energy in farm machinery, fertilizer and transport, as well as the possibilities for energy generation on farms. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Dec. 18, 2012:  Eileen V. Quigley, New Energy Cities program director, discusses how small- to medium-sized cities are pioneering the clean energy economy in our region. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Nov. 20, 2012:  Ted Beatty of Energy Northwest discusses balancing energy sources, variable power rates, and new energy storage systems. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Oct. 16, 2012:  State Rep. Steve Tharinger gives an update on Initiative 937 and the Washington Energy Independence Act. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

~ Older programs are video-archived at http://www.porttownsendmedia.com/energy/index.html(external link)

The Energy Lunch Program is produced with the assistance of Local 20/20’s Energy Action Group, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, and WSU Jefferson County Extension.

The Energy Lunch Steering Committee includes Rick Van Auken and Dana Lee of CountyEnergy.us, energy efficiency expert Brian Goldstein, Port of Port Townsend Commissioner Steve Tucker, and video technician Gary Smith of The Port Townsend Journal.

The Energy Action Group of Local 20/20 welcomes new members. Learn more!



Publicist Shelly Randall at 360-301-2540 or shelly (at) sustainabletogether.com with media inquiries.

Program Coordinator Rick Van Auken at rva (at) countyenergy.us with ideas for future programs or to get on the email notification list for upcoming programs.


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