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Navigating This Web Site

Local 20/20's new web site has numerous features that aren't found on most other web sites. The credit for these features goes to the content management system (CMS) we are now using known as TikiWiki, "Tiki" for short.

The Menu Options are organized in multi-levels. The first level is obvious in the menu bars. For example, when you hover (not click) your mouse over "Home" another slide out menu appears. If you click on the "Home" option it will take you here.

If you click on a link in page, like the one just above, it will open either in a new window or a new tab, depending on which version of the browser you're using. Firefox opens a new tab. Internet Explorer will open a new browser window.

Most of the menu items you see in the navigation bar above will allow anonymous viewing of our extensive web pages such as our Action Groups, Calendars, Resources and Videos.  Note: When viewing the calendar, be sure to click on the event to see a full description. If you just hover your mouse over the event, you may not see the full description.

For access to all of our other features, users need to register. Registering gives access to such options as:

  • Participating in polls and surveys;
  • Commenting on and rating posts;
  • Posting articles;

...and a host of other options.

Registration is strictly optional intended to encourage local Olympic Peninsula residents and activists interested in helping us make both this site and our collective efforts more effective.

Important: Occasionally web browsers will not display the "CAPTCHA" code that you need to enter in order to register. If that happens to you send a message to the "Web Site Problems" email address at the bottom of this page. The webmaster will register you.

Primarily, Local 20/20 is an organization focused on increasing local self-reliance and resiliency by harnessing the creative talents of pro-active and forward thinking volunteers on the Olympic Peninsula. Registering is the best way to connect with other local like-minded folks. Of course, people outside of our area are also free to register and use the site. We are very aware that good ideas and information have no geographical boundaries or restrictions. So we welcome one and all!

To register, select the "Register" link next to the "Login" link, on the left side of the page just below the Navigation Menu bar. From there you'll be taken to a registration page where you enter your email address and choose a password, which must be at least 7 characters long and include at least one (1) number. Shortly after you'll receive a confirmation link sent to your email address. By clicking on that link, you'll have full access to our informative web site and the ability to participate in all features the site offers.

We respect your privacy and have included a link to our Privacy Policy.

If you just want to peruse our pages without registering, feel free. You'll find a wealth of information focused a wide range of topics loosely based on the Transition Town model. We also offer resources and links that can help you get started in your own communities to enhance your sense of community and security.

To access the available options, simply choose an item from the menu bar in the header at the top of the page and surf away!

This page was updated on 06/07/2012.


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