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North Olympic Exchange

The North Olympic Exchange (NOE), a chapter of Bellingham-based Fourth Corner Exchange (FCE), is a barter and trade system utilizing the concept of time dollars. Annual membership is $25.00, which can be used in combination with time dollars. The greater our membership, the more everyone will benefit.


Joining North Olympic Exchange is easy, attend one of the two monthly orientation meetings.

NOE orientations are held on the first Sunday and third Monday of each month. Sunday orientations are usually at 5 PM. Monday orientations are at 7 PM.

We have potluck socials quarterly (every three months) on the first Sunday of that month. Our usual time for the potluck is 6 PM, after the orientation, at the Dundee Center, Port Townsend, on the corner of Hancock and 32nd, off Hastings. We will likely move soon to the Uptown Community Center. Please contact us for details.

Monthly council meetings are held at 6 PM on the third Monday of each month (followed by the orientation), and we invite more membership participation in council meetings. What can we do to improve your experience in the FCE?

More members are needed to be involved in coming up with new ideas, planning events, and the over-all promotion of our local community exchange. Any members can join us for the meetings. You can come simply to check out one meeting or you can participate in the council meetings on a regular basis. We meet once a month on the third Monday of the month. Meetings last approximately one hour. You are cordially invited.


In April of 2006, a few activists from Local 20/20's Local Economy Action Group held the first meeting and orientation, forming a local chapter of Fourth Corner Exchange. In the following year, in an attempt to give the Exchange a more local focus and orientation, the name North Olympic Exchange was chosen for our local chapter.

The goal is to connect unused resources with unmet needs as we build a stronger, and more sustainable community. This program offers an alternative to the current money system. It is based on human capital - our own skills, goods and energies - rather than the existing system that is based on scarcity, hording of capital, and debt.

This exchange system involves trading of goods and services, but goes beyond usual bartering. You don't need to exchange with anyone directly - the life dollars you earn may be "spent" with anyone else in the system. A website is used for the exchanges where you can scan all the available services and goods offered as well as record and keep track of your exchanges. The website also has a "wanted" section for goods and services needed.

For more information, contact Mike Dobkevich at 379.2627.

This page was modified on 08/11/2011.


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