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What We Do

Local 20/20 is an all-volunteer, grassroots umbrella organization. Within its matrix, people of like interests gather in Action Groups to brainstorm what might be done in a particular arena to promote community self-reliance and resiliency -- and then they do it!

Highlights of previous Action Group projects

(Hyperlinked Action Groups are active. The others are actively looking for interested volunteers.)

Beyond Waste

Climate Action

Economic Localization

  • Initiated LION - the Local Investment Opportunity Network, providing an opportunity for local investors to keep investment dollars in the community
  • Supported TEAM JEFFERSON, a new EDC that uses the triple bottom line indicators for success
  • Established the North Olympic Exchange (NOE), a local currency trading system
  • Cosponsored two community forums on Think Local First with BALLE’s Michael Shuman
  • Helped to create The LOCAL, a coupon book promoting businesses owned and operated by locals, now in its fifth year
  • Partnered with The Leader, WSU, Main Street and the Food Coop

Emergency Preparedness

  • Motivated and educated over 200 neighborhoods to self-organize for EP purposes
  • Partnered with Jefferson County Dept of Emergency Management (DEM)
  • Promoted a series of Individual/Family Emergency Preparedness classes for 80+participants
  • Partnered with GetEmergencyPrepared
  • Staged two store-wide special pricing and education events on foods and supplies for emergency supply purposes
  • Partnered with the Food Coop and the DEM


  • Presented numerous energy forums on renewable energy, conservation and weatherization to motivate the community toward responsible energy management
  • Cosponsored Earth Day events where individuals could take a person energy audit
  • One of our members donated "1,000 (CFL) Lights To Make A Point" at the Food Coop
  • In 2008, members of the Energy Action group worked independently as volunteers with Citizens for Local Power to pass an initiative authorizing our Jefferson County Public Utility District (PUD) to acquire the electrical distribution grid from Puget Sound Energy. This was the first successful Washington State energy municipalization effort in nearly 60 years
  • In 2011 the Energy Action Group toured the Port Townsend Paper Mill and the Port Townsend Wastewater Treatment Plant also held two community events in an effort to facilitate a community dialogue regarding the controversial Port Townsend Paper Mill's Co-gen Project
  • In December 2011 toured a Local 20/20 member's home during a home energy audit.
  • In 2012 organized a subgroup to study and create a DIY Home Energy Audit Project

Food Resiliency

  • Initiated 20 Menu For the Future 6-week discussion groups, each with its own farmer or local food producer as participant
  • Partnered with the Northwest Earth Institute and the Chimacum Grange
  • Encouraged both community and private gardeners to plant a row for the Food Bank, or contribute weekly overflow produce
  • Partnered with OlyCAP
  • Established a community gardeners discount card at participating hardware and garden centers in Jefferson County
  • Tabled with other local Food organizations after showings of Food, Inc. for 3 weeks at the Rose Theatre
  • Instigated the proliferation of 25 community gardens around Jefferson County, many neighborhood-based, through multiple community presentations and presence at the Farmers Market and Jefferson County Fair
  • Provide a matchmaking service, linking land owners with those wanting a place for a community gardenrecent
  • Set up an online group for community gardeners to facilitate inter-garden communication
  • Host FAQs and Garden Profiles on our website to provide community gardens with best practices and resources
  • Participated in a one day Community Garden tour the day before the county Farm Tour
  • Promoted composting workshops taught by a WSU Master Gardeners
  • Partnered with the County Solid Waste Dept, the Master Gardeners, and WSU
  • Participated in delivering over 16,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to food banks, schools, senior centers and Boiler Room
  • Partnered with Quimper Fruit Tree Harvest gleaning group
  • Expanded food storage skills by conducting a pressure canning workshop
  • Partnered with the Food Coop
  • Hosted four public potluck conversations to learn about the salient issues associated with our local food supply

Giving Back

  • Helped create SCALLOPS, Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound, a network of neighborhood and community groups, now totaling 70+, collaborating on sustainability issues

Health and Wellness

  • Participated in a roundtable of health professionals and volunteer organizations to discuss health topics and to strengthen coordination of services
  • Partnered with the Rose Theatre hosting a community dialogue on healthcare after showing the movie SICKO
  • Sponsored presentations and community conversations on health topics
  • Pandemics, including actions individuals can take during a pandemic
  • Wood smoke and its impact on our air quality and health
  • Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form and their proper use
  • Partnered with Jefferson County Health Department


  • Provided Workshops including: Intro to Built Green certification, Energy efficiency and rebates, Green professionals, Materials and suppliers, Green for REALTORS® and homeowners, and green landscape, design, energy and construction


  • Awarded the first ‘Connecting the Dots’ award to Rick Oltman of Cape Clear Fishery for making the connection with sustainable transportation, good health, food resiliency and healthy economy
  • Sponsored a Smart Trips event to introduce the concept of a program to reduce vehicle miles traveled
  • Initiated search for grants to fund a regional Smart Trips program
  • Partnered with the North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council
  • Set up links to local transportation options on the Jefferson CAN website;
  • Created a carbon neutral EarthDay EveryDay event through efforts to encourage car-pooling, biking, public transit and walking to the Earth Day event, with carbon offsets paid
  • Provided input to WSDOT’s plan for SR 19/20 and Pt Townsend's new Roundabouts


  • Created a web-based discussion course, Our Watershed, to raise the general knowledge of the community on water and water-related issues. (Available Summer 2010) Under the lead of WSU Jefferson County Extension
  • Hosted a post-movie petition drive in conjunction with the showing of "FLOW" at the Rose Theatre
  • Spearheaded a public information forum on watershed functions and issues
  • The presentation was filmed and has provided a broader education into the community on PTTV
  • Partnered with WSU Extension
  • Worked on simple public domain composting toilet technology for water conservation and emergency toilet options
  • Partnered with the Dept. of Environmental Health on published water conservation tips in Mayor’s column in water/sewer bills mailed to residents of City of Port Townsend

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