About Local 20/20: An Overview

PT tidelands bLocal 20/20 has been operating since 2006 to encourage self-reliance, sustainability and resiliency in our community here in E Jefferson County, WA.  It is an all-volunteer grassroots organization, fueled by the passions of folk with a long-range perspective, disturbed by national and global policies, who would like to see the planet survive in all its wondrous beauty and diversity… including our own species.  While this needs to happen globally, not just in Jefferson County, it seems clear that it is most likely going to happen from the bottom up, community by community, person by person.

Of course, concepts such as “sustainability” and “resilience” cover a lot of territory.  Where to start?

Most of the activity of Local 20/20 happens in “action groups” – teams of people sharing an interest in one aspect of sustainability, brainstorming ideas about what can be done and then acting on those ideas. A “steering council” serves in an administrative capacity and as a networking hub.

Climate Action Transportation Lab Citizens for Local Food Emergency Preparedness Other Action Groups Economic Localization Beyond Waste Energy Action

Beyond that, and by design, the organizational structure of 20/20 is hard to pin down. Operating as a kind of adhocracy based on the concept of chaordic design, it grows (and wanes) in an organic way, in whatever direction the collective focus and energy dictate at the time. Groups form, other groups go dormant. Not uncommonly, offshoots of Action Groups spin off as relatively autonomous and self-sustaining entities. It is not always easy to tell where Local 20/20 ends and the larger community begins…
L2020 unfolding chart
There is a lot of energy for sustainable living here on the North Olympic Peninsula. The way in which Local 20/20 has unfolded is a testament to what can happen when we provide a space for that energy and then stand out of the way.

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