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BigfootBelow is the original information on the Jefferson County Taming Bigfoot competition.  For those interested in the new Taming Bigfoot online calculator, as a website and/or app, see taming-bigfoot.org.

Thanks to all who participated in our 2017 Bigfoot Anniversary Footprint check-in. For the anniversary results, and updates on what the Local 20/20 Climate Outreach members are currently working on: AnniversaryPresentation_FINAL

Here are the final results of the 2016 competition: Apr22FinalMtg***

Check out this great song Phina Pippia did on her Bigfoot experience!

And the winners are…..

Grand Prize – Lowest Absolute Carbon Fooprint: Zoe  Ballering!

Team Prizes:

  • 1st Overall Team Reduction – Absolute: Incrementally Diminishing Guilt
  • 1st Overall Team Reduction – Percentage: Sea Stars
  • 1st Home Sector Reduction – Absolute: Chums
  • 1st Home Sector Reduction – Percentage: Tufted Puffins
  • 1st Transportation Sector Reduction – Absolute: Newts
  • 1st Transportation Sector Reduction – Percentage: ETs
  • 1st Food/Shopping Sector Reduction – Absolute: Hellbenders
  • 1st Food/Shopping Sector Reduction -Percentage: St Paul Pandas
  • 2nd Overall Team Reduction – Absolute: Gray Wolves
  • 2nd Overall Team Reduction – Percentage: Snow Leopards
  • 3rd Overall Team Reduction – Absolute: Kale Krushers
  • 3rd Overall Team Reduction – Percentage: Songdogs
  • 13th Team Participation Prize: Olympic Mudminnows

Individual Role Prizes:

  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, 1-2 Person Household Role Absolute: Ben Bauermeister
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, 1-2 Person Household Role Percentage: Viki Sonntag
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives in PT Role Absolute: Keri French
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives in PT Role Percentage: Christopher Bricker
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives Outside PT Role Absolute: Tami Pokorny
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives Outside PT Role Role Percentage: Renee Neugent
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives Green Lifestyle Role Absolute: Tom Engel
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Lives Green Lifestyle Role Percentage: Helen Kolff
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Not Yet Green Lifestyle Role Absolute: Carol McCreary
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Not Yet Green Lifestyle Role Percentage: Frances Loubere
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Younger than 30 Role Percentage: Sarah Felder
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Younger than 30 Role Absolute: Dylan Carter
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Prominent Role Percentage: John Austin
  • 1st Overall Individual Reduction, Prominent Role Absolute: Kees Kolff

Many thanks to all the participants, our generous sponsors, and the Local 20/20 Climate Outreach team!

Below is the historical information on the contest.

Welcome to the Taming Bigfoot webpage!

Taming Bigfoot is a competition that makes it fun, rewarding and educational to reduce your carbon footprint! It is being organized by Jefferson County’s Local 20/20 Climate Action Outreach Group to assist the county in reaching its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050 through an engaging and educational activity. Using a combination of endorsements, sponsorships, participation and media coverage, Taming Bigfoot is connecting county groups in new ways to collectively address an important community objective. See our Facebook page for the latest news and tips!

The competition will last 3 months (from mid-January to mid-April 2016). Teams of 7 persons each will be pitted against one another to devise and carry out different strategies to reduce their “carbon footprint”, a number that measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with various activities. As extra motivation to participate, over $2000 in prizes from local sponsoring businesses will be awarded to those teams and team members that are most successful in lowering their carbon footprints.

Upcoming Team Meetings:
• Monday January 11th, 7-9 pm, Cotton Building, 607 Water St, Port Townsend – complete (presentation here: KickOffPresentation.)
• Wednesday February 17th, 7-9 pm, Cotton Building, 607 Water St, Port Townsend (presentation here: Feb17Mtg)
• Monday March 14th, 7-9 pm, Cotton Building, 607 Water St, Port Townsend  (presentation here: Mar14Mtg_Slideshow)
• Friday April 22nd, 7-9 pm, Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 2333 San Juan Ave, Port Townsend – Final celebration with prizes awarded (presentation here: Apr22FinalMtg.pdf)!

Below you will find the information being sent out to the teams. (And for those not on a team, feel free to play along by using the Bigfoot Calculator and other tools below!)
Frequently Asked Questions

Tally Sheets:


TallySheet_1.docx TallySheet_1.pdf
TallySheet_2.docx TallySheet_2.pdf
TallySheet_3.docx TallySheet_3.pdf
TallySheet_1Alt.xlsx TallySheet_1Alt.pdf
TallySheet_2Alt.xlsx TallySheet_2Alt.pdf
TallySheet_3Alt.xlsx TallySheet_3Alt.pdf

Data Reporting Sheets:  .pdf .docx

Guide to Tally and Data Sheets

Documentation of Conversion Factors


Instructions for using Bigfoot Calculator
Background Information:

General Information

Sponsors, Prizes, and Endorsements


General Information


The 7 members of a team must satisfy a specific set of characteristics that reflect the diversity of Jefferson County. Each team will have a person from a 1-2 person household, someone living within the Port Townsend city limits and someone outside city limits. Rounding out the team will be someone already living a “green” lifestyle, someone not yet living a green lifestyle (or who wants to be greener), at least one member younger than 30, and a member who is recognized as a prominent county resident.

The 14 teams selected to compete are:

Team Name Organization Contact
Kale Krushers Co-Op Kenna Eaton
St. Paul’s Pandas St. Paul’s Church Val Johnstone
Incrementally Diminishing Guilt Jefferson County Laura Tucker
Gray Wolves none Bill Ferguson
Snow Leopards none Judy Alexander
Olympic Mud Minnows WSU Kate Dean
ET Local 20/20 Energy/TLAB Peter Lauritzen
Tufted Puffins QUUF Paul Loubere
Sea Stars QUUF David Covert
Newts QUUF Rick Doherty
Songdogs QUUF Rick Cote
4-H PT STEM Club 4-H PT STEM Club Ella Ashford
Chums Jefferson Land Trust Erik Kingfisher
Hellbender none Ben Bauermeister


Carbon footprints will be calculated by using a calculator compiled specifically for Jefferson County by the organizing committee. This calculator will be provided to each team in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. While the calculator does not include every possible source (or sink) of greenhouse gases, it covers most of the major greenhouse gas-producing activities by individuals in our community and it provides a simple and useful means of converting easily measured quantities of a person’s lifestyle (e.g., home energy and water use, miles traveled, garbage produced) to quantitative emission values (measured in pounds of CO2). A conveniently concise Data Reporting Sheet has been created by the organizing committee to guide participants to monitor and record those specific quantities required for the calculator.

The Competition

The first month of the competition (mid-January to mid-February) will be used to collect data from all participants so that their baseline (or reference) carbon footprint can be calculated. The two remaining months are dedicated to employing the various strategies chosen by teams to reduce their carbon footprint and measuring their effectiveness. Individual team members will report their data to a team “Recorder” who will then fill out the spreadsheet and submit the results to the organizing committee. Team footprints will be posted on this website, however no participant will be able to see the individual data of any other participant on another team; collective data of a team will be viewable.

There will be four all-team meetings during the competition. The initial Kick-Off gathering on January 11th (7 pm) will cover the rules and procedures for the overall competition, address any questions participants might have, and update the teams on the prize categories to be awarded at the competition’s conclusion on April 22nd (Earth Day!) The teams will gather again at monthly intervals; first (on February 17th) to share their baseline carbon footprints, once more (March 14th) to display and share their progress and experiences in footprint reduction and the final time on April 22 (Earth Day) to announce their final accomplishments and exchange their experiences of the competition and to take part in the awards presentations ceremony. Aside from these monthly progress meetings where all teams are expected to be represented, the only time commitment for a participant is the time it takes to keep adequate records of their activities so that the 1-page data sheet can be filled out each month.

Prizes (valued at more than $2000)

The list of sponsoring businesses who are offering prizes to be awarded continues to grow and can be found here. As the list grows, so too does the variety of awarded achievements. The base set of categories includes the teams that achieve the greatest carbon footprint reductions. These will be calculated in terms of both greatest absolute reduction, i.e., lbs of CO2 not emitted, and greatest percentage reduction from their baseline footprint, as well as categories associated with the teams that achieve the greatest reductions (both absolute and percentage) in the individual sectors (i.e., home energy use, transportation, etc.).

There also will be individual awards for both greatest reduction in carbon footprint and for lowest carbon footprint for each type of team member (e.g. younger than 30, prominent citizen, etc.). As the list of sponsors increases, so does the list of possible awards. The organizing committee is also discussing the possibility of specific challenges, targeting a particular behavior (e.g., no driving for a week).   One enthusiastic sponsor has already guaranteed that all participants will come away with some prize acknowledging their efforts at “Taming Bigfoot”.


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Air Flo Heating Co. Maintenance Inspection
The Bishop Victorian and Swan Hotels One night lodging
Boiler Room Cookies and Coffee
Broken Spoke Two bike rentals
Bulldog Bicycles Two bike tune ups
Chimacum Farm Stand Gift Certificates
Courtyard Cafe Gift Certificate
Crackedog Design 6 Custom Glass Plates and 2 Cat Bowls
Doe Run Studios 10 custom wood jar lids
Elevated Ice Cream Gift Certificate
Finnriver Farm & Cidery Cider Gift Basket
Jefferson County Environmental Health 1 Worm Composter & 1 Backyard Composter
Jefferson County PUD LED Bulbs
Jefferson Transit Monthly passes
Key City Theater Tickets
Marrowstone Vineyards Case of wine
Palace Hotel One Night’s Lodging
Phil Johnson Rose Theater Movie Passes
Port Townsend Athletic Club Gift Certificate
Port Townsend Brewery Brewery Tour for 4, with tasting and glass
Port Townsend Food Co-op Gift Certificate
Port Townsend Paper Co. 4 Gift Wrap Packages
Power Trip Energy Solar Panel Site Evaluation
PT Paddlesports 7 Kayak Rentals
Private Donor 7 Climate Change Books
Private Donor Naomi Klein Book
QFC Gift Certificate
Quimper Mercantile Gift Certificate
ReCyclery Bike tune up
Red Dog Farm Spring CSA package
Rose Theatre Movie Passes
San Juan Taqueria Gift Certificate
Silverwater Cafe 2 Dinners and 2% Forward (to non-profits)
Sound Experience Gift Packet + 2 Passes for Public Sail
Sunrise Coffee Pound of Coffee per month for 1 year
West Marine Compass
Williwaw Bike Bike tune up

Endorsed By:

• Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners
• Jefferson County Public Utility District
• Jefferson Land Trust
• Local 20/20
• Port Townsend City Council
• Port Townsend / Jefferson County Climate Action Committee
• QUUF Green Sanctuary Committee

Taming Bigfoot wishes to express our thanks and appreciation to all the wonderful and generous sponsors and endorsers of the competition.

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Questions by participants can be addressed to their team recorder. Other questions can be emailed to bobbindschadler@gmail.com or by physical mail to Bob Bindschadler, 271 Gustavson Rd, Quilcene, WA 98376.

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