Planning for Climate Change on the North Olympic Peninsula Project

The project to plan and prepare for climate change on the North Olympic Peninsula, which is funded by a grant from WA State Department of Ecology and Commerce, and was received by the North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Organization, has recently released the final report:

Climate Preparedness Plan for the North Olympic Peninsula

It contains climate projections and expected impacts for this area, and a set of strategies for preparing for the impacts.

Note: Updated sea level rise maps are now available for Port Townsend and the Dungeness River Delta that address an error in the maps originally published in October 2015.  The error was in the offset applied to map coastal flooding and sea level rise projections (which are referenced to a local tidal vertical datum) on a LiDAR-based Digital Elevation Model (referenced to an orthometric vertical datum).  The offset used for Port Townsend and the Dungeness River Delta was erroneous.  Maps for other locations were not affected, and the sea level rise projections themselves were not changed.  Maps downloaded prior to March 2017 should be discarded and replaced with those marked with “Updated March 2017”.

To see what progress is being made  on implementing the strategies from the plan, check out the:

Climate Adaptation Dashboard

Two of the partners in this project are two local volunteer groups: the Local 2020 Climate Action Adaptation Group (for Jefferson County) and the Olympic Climate Action group (for Clallam County.) If you would like to get involved with the project as a volunteer, check with those organizations. For further information on the project, contact





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