North Olympic Exchange

NOE logoThe North Olympic Exchange (NOE), a chapter of Bellingham-based Fourth Corner Exchange (FCE), is a barter and trade system utilizing the concept of “life dollars”. Life dollars can be thought of as a kind of “community currency”, a facilitated barter system that serves to complement our federal monetary system. In fact, in areas of the world where community currency systems have stood the test of time, they have shown themselves to grow and wane inversely as the strength of the federal currency system. Together, the two systems make for a much more resilient economy.

The North Olympic Exchange differs from a simple barter system in that the goods and services you can obtain are not limited to those provided by the people who want to exchange with you directly. Life dollars can be “earned” or “spent” with anyone in the system. A member website allows you to scan all the available services and goods offered as well as record and keep track of your exchanges. The website also has a “wanted” section for goods and services needed.

Joining North Olympic Exchange is easy. Simply call for a personal orientation session (Mike @ 360-379-2627), pay a $25 annual membership fee (to help maintain the website) and start trading. The greater our membership, the more everyone will benefit.

The goal of NOE is to connect unused resources with unmet needs, helping to build a stronger and more sustainable community. It is a system based on human capital – our own skills, goods and energies. While the monetary system is in large part based on scarcity and debt, community currency is based on abundance. We all have something to share.

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