Neighborhood Preparedness

An emergency can occur on a personal, household or neighborhood level.  A disaster can be defined as a widespread event that exceeds the capacity of officials to effectively respond.  By preparing for a disaster we are also made ready to respond to an emergency.

You’re on Your Own (YOYO)

Our rural community is well-served by a public safety infrastructure that will come to our immediate aid in emergencies.  But that will not be the case when it comes to a disaster, especially one that impacts our nearby urban areas.  We need to be ready to take care of ourselves and families for at least two weeks.

Our partners at the Department of Emergency Management provide a wealth of materials to help you make your household preparations.

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You are not really “on your own” if you make these preparations with your neighbors.  That is where we can help!  There are currently well over 100 neighborhoods organizing here in Jefferson County.  While that seems like a lot, there are a lot of neighborhoods yet to be covered.

We use a tool provided by the state called Map Your Neighborhood.  While this is a very complete and easy-to-use tool, we have learned over the years that we can add value by helping new organizers get started and by providing ongoing support and resources.

Our organized neighborhoods are now integrated into the Jefferson County and Port Townsend Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.  As such, neighborhood organizers are given the opportunity to attend quarterly trainings and are invited to the bi-monthly meetings where relationships can be forged with representatives from all our public agencies who will be actively involved in disaster response and recovery.   Whether it is getting to better know your neighbors or meeting your agency personnel, the wisdom in this favorite quote from our former Emergency Management Director, Bob Hamlin, rings true:

“The ability to deal with a crisis is largely dependent on the structures and relationships
developed before the emergency”

Contact us at to find out if your neighborhood is organized or if you want to get started!

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