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Our fiscal sponsors are Power Trip Energy Corp, Port Townsend Paper CorpSunshine PropaneAlaska Power & Telephone Co,  Huber’s Inn,  Frederickson Electric, The Port of Port Townsend, Friends of Energy Lunch and our two newest sponsors: Ravenna Capital Management and Washington State Department of Commerce.

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The Jefferson County Energy Lunch series invites energy experts to present to our interested citizens, business leaders, government officials, and energy professionals.


The monthly Energy Lunch programs, held every third Thursday at the Port Townsend Yacht Club (2503 Washington Street at the Boat Haven), are aimed at increasing awareness of how energy, energy technology and energy policy affect life and business in Jefferson County.

Participants are welcome to bring their lunch and arrive at noon to join an informal conversation with local energy professionals. Programs begin at 12:30 p.m. and are followed by a Q&A session, which typically wraps up around 1:30 p.m. A workshop and panel discussion further exploring the speaker’s topic usually follows from 2-3 p.m.



Energy Lunch: First Local Green Fuel Use Can Be in New Low-Cost 26 kW Gensets

Thursday March 16th, 2017, 12:30 PM at Port Townsend Yacht Club in the Boat Haven, 2503 Washington Street. It’s been nearly six years since Ted Hollinger of Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) opened many eyes in Jefferson County to the potential for local use of hydrogen, ammonia and other alternative green fuels in power generation, transportation and heating. Mr. Hollinger’s June 2011 Key Speaker presentation on “Planning for the Transition to Green Ammonia Fuels in Jefferson County” got the ball rolling for local investigations of carbon-free hydrogen and ammonia fuels that lead directly to the consideration of the use of localContinue Reading

(To view the videos for May 2014 or later, click on the  date link, and then click the Watch The Video link.)

Carsharing in Jefferson County using District EVs – A Local Energy Opportunity

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 from 12 PM  – 2 PM Port Townsend Yacht Club in the Boat Haven LEO Presenter and Public Discussion Facilitator: Perry Spring, Energy Systems and Efficiency Professional Opportunities for developing profitable, unsubsidized new energy systems and businesses in Jefferson County have been under consideration for more than a year both by the members of the Jefferson County Energy LLC (now being formed) and by the directors of CountyEnergy.US who organized and ran the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program from 2010 through 2015. This development work is the logical extension of the regular bi-annual Energy Lunch reportingContinue Reading

Energy Lunch: “Assessing Local Energy Values: The Bainbridge Public Power Campaign”

Key Speakers this month: Jane Lindley & Steve Johnson from Bainbridge Island’s Island Power Location: The Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street in the Boat Haven Date: Thursday, January 19th Schedule: 12:00 pm Brown Bag Lunch 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Key Speaker Presentation including Q&A 1:30-2 pm continuation of the general discussion Energy Lunch Key Speakers this month are Bainbridge residents Jane Lindley and Steve Johnson, Co-Founders of Island Power in Bainbridge WA, the group that is leading the present political campaign for public power in the City of Bainbridge (Bainbridge Island).  Ms. Lindley authors her own webContinue Reading

Benefits of Public Power from Local Transportation Electrification

JJ McCoy,Senior Policy Associate, NW Energy Coalition, Seattle WA Thursday December 15th at 12:30 PM, Port Townsend Yacht Club Our focus this month will be on the benefits derived by our public power utility from using all (100%) of this locally collected solar energy to replace fossil fuels that are used in cars, trucks buses and boats in new electric vehicles or vessels (EVs) that provide the same local transportation needs. There is no burden on the utility to purchase this solar power and utility power is used to “fill-in” the daily and seasonal intermittency of the sun.   WhileContinue Reading

November 17th, 2016, Continued Solarization of Jefferson County: How WA-made Itek Can Help”

Jesse Wear, Regional Sales Manager, Itek Energy, Bellingham, WA   Thursday, November 17th at 12:30 PM, Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend     This month’s Energy Lunch programming takes a closer look at developing the sun (or solar) part of the SW2 Energy in Jefferson County. More specifically we will continue our discussion from last month about larger community-based solar energy projects of 50 to 150 kW capacity or more. Taking this local development of solar energy to these higher, community-funded levels of power is a significant next step in the transition to local energy andContinue Reading

October 20th, 2016: Bonneville Environmental Foundation “Developing Community-Based Renewable Energy in Jefferson County”

Thursday October 20th at 12:30, Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend. Dick Wanderscheid, Vice President, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Portland Oregon In recent months the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program has moved from outside direction and large amounts of volunteer support to a primary energy program of a new local for-profit energy development organization, the Jefferson County Energy LLC, or “ELLC”. Being built by longtime backers of Energy Lunch programming, the new ELLC organization is pursuing local energy development activities in solar energy, wind energy, EV use, ammonia (NH3) fuels, and public works in energy as well asContinue Reading

September 15, 2016: Road Map to 100% Renewable Energy in Jefferson County

Thursday, Sept 15th at 12:30 PM,  Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Ave, Port Townsend WA Energy Technology [ET] or tools for working with energy is frequently the focus of Energy Lunch programming: ET for electric power, ET for green fuels, ET for energy storage, and more. ET will be addressed again in September but, this time with an additional feature: how some of these new tools might fit with each other and work together in moving towards 100% local renewables. In April last year, Dr. Jacob Leachman dazzled Energy Lunch attendees with his presentation on the use of hydrogenContinue Reading

August 18th, 2016: Public Power Operations in Jefferson County: A Special Forum

Thursday, August 18th at 12:30 PM Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend Rather than outside energy experts this month’s Energy Lunch program will feature two key speakers on public power each of who is currently a candidate for Commissioner of the Jefferson County Public Utility District (PUD).  Each has been among the group of local energy enthusiasts that have made the Energy Lunch operate all these many months and years. The existence of public power in Jefferson County is particularly important to energy policy, planning and development because it affects or enables most if not all localContinue Reading

November 19, 2015: Eric Moe – District Heating: Developing Thermal Energy Systems in Jefferson County

District Heating: Developing Thermal Energy Systems in Jefferson County Speaker: Eric Moe, Senior Developer, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Thursday, November 19 at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend Approximately 70% of all the energy used in Jefferson County is for thermal applications such as space heating, domestic hot water, process heating, cooking, and drying. November’s Key Speaker, UMC‘s Eric Moe, is a mechanical engineer and systems integrator who has worked on the development of community thermal energy systems regionally, nationally and internationally. A heat and energy systems specialist, he is currently working on community energy systemsContinue Reading

October 22, 2015: Dave Sjoding – Local Energy Plans: Electricity, Heat, Transport, Food & Water

Local Energy Plans: Electricity, Heat, Transport, Food & Water Speaker: Dave Sjoding, CHP/Renewable Energy Specialist, WSU Energy Program Thursday, October 22 at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend The Key Speaker for October is Dave Sjoding, CHP/Renewable Energy Specialist, WSU Energy Program. Mr. Sjoding has led research into a broad range of energy issues/sources including biomass, CHP (combined heat and power) applications, distributed generation and energy policy and pricing. In his presentation, Mr. Sjoding will address local energy plans, including formation of a local energy development company, financing of energy development projects and the need forContinue Reading

September 17: Kevin Mass – Local Energy Project Development & Financing

Understanding Local Energy Project Development & Financing Speaker: Kevin Maas, Owner, Glacier Energy, Inc. Thursday, September 17th at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend To watch a video recording of this Energy Lunch presentation, please click on the link below: The Key Speaker for September is Kevin Maas, owner of Glacier Energy, Inc., an energy development company in Mount Vernon, WA. Mr. Maas has worked with farmers, bankers, regulators, environmentalists and utilities, implementing energy projects in Skagit, King, Whatcom and Tillamook (OR) Counties. As a principal of Farm Power Northwest, he linked ten farms milkingContinue Reading

August 20, 2015: Günter Mögele – The Energiewende Message From Germany: Local Prosperity

Lessons from Germany: Leveraging Energiewende for Local Prosperity Speaker: Günter Mögele, Deputy Mayor, Wildpoldsried, Germany Thursday, August 20th at 12:30P Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington Street, Port Townsend The Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program for August is a case study of one of the world’s most successful renewable energy-fueled economic development programs. Key Speaker Günter Mögele, Deputy Mayor of the municipality of Wildpoldsried, Germany (population 2,600), will explain this local energy development success and the national German goal of Energiewende  or “energy transition” from fossil and nuclear fuels to renewable energy sources. Read More (Below Photo)   To watchContinue Reading

July 16, 2015: Brian Young: “Developing the Energy Sector of the Jefferson Co. Economy”

“Developing the Energy Sector of the Jefferson County Economy” Brian Young, Governor’s Clean Technology Sector Lead Washington State Department of Commerce, Seattle WA Thursday, July 16th at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the Port Townsend Yacht Club The top priority of the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program – to encourage and support the development of the “energy sector” of the Jefferson County economy – is generally well aligned with Governor Jay Inslee’s top priority – to create an economic climate where innovation and entrepreneurship can continue to thrive and create good-paying jobs in every corner of Washington State. This alignmentContinue Reading

June 18, 2015: Alex Wilken, Seattle Boat Works: “Developing Electric Propulsion Systems for Jefferson County Boats”

“Developing Electric Propulsion Systems for Jefferson County Boats” Alex Wilken, Family Owner, Seattle Boat Works, LLC, Seattle WA Thursday, June 18th at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the Port Townsend Yacht Club Our Key Speaker is Alex Wilken of the Seattle Boat Works which specializes in electric propulsion systems for all kinds of marine transport using either AC or DC marine motors as well as in a variety of related marine electric peripherals such as generators, chargers, batteries, solar panels, and wind generators. The idea of electric propulsion for boats is not new. The navy’s submarine service has always usedContinue Reading

May 21, 2015. Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc. “Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County”

“Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County” Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc., Campbell CA Thursday, May 21st at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the Port Townsend Yacht Club New electric vehicle (EV) energy technology – in the form of both plug-in hybrid gas-electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery-only electric vehicles (BEVs) that provide full fossil-fuel-free transportation – is beginning to transform the economy of Jefferson County. Although this transition to electric trips from fossil-fuel trips has been evolving here for some time, the changes are now becoming widely evident to all county residents and organizations. ElectricContinue Reading

April 21, 2015 Dr. Jacob Leachman: A Hydrogen Economy for Washington State – and for Jefferson County

Tuesday, April 21st at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center On April 21st, the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program’s Key Speaker will address the opportunities associated with local production and use of the ultimate green fuel: hydrogen. Dr. Jacob Leachman is Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the Pullman campus of Washington State University. Known at WSU for his HYPER Lab (Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research), Dr. Leachman is rapidly becoming the leading proponent for hydrogen fuels in Washington State. Dr. Leachman’s presentation will cover basic facts about hydrogen, current ways of producing hydrogenContinue Reading

March 17, 2015: Tonia Buell, ” The Status of Local Electric Vehicle Development Activity Across WA. State”

   “Status of Local EV Development Activity Across Washington State” Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships, Washington State Department of Transportation, Olympia WA Tuesday, March 17th at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center The Key Speaker for March has had considerable experience throughout Washington State with local municipal and county-wide activity with EV development as well as direct responsibility for the Washington portion of the West Coast Electric Highway. Ms. Tonia Buell is Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). She represents WSDOT for all EV, or more precisely, all “PEV,” (Plug-inContinue Reading

February 17, 2015: Daryl Williams of Tulalip Tribes, Director of Qualco Energy, Monroe WA

Keys to Successful Biodigester Operations in Snohomish County” The Key Speaker for February directs the operations of a successful anaerobic biodigester in Snohomish County that uses microorganisms to process biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen to produce methane gas, fertilizer and other useful products. Cattle manure, farm wastes, expired food products, and other commercial biowastes are all continuously broken down or “digested.” The resulting methane gas feeds a 450 MW electric generator 24 hours a day year round. Several such anaerobic biodigesters currently contribute to the million-euro annual operating surplus of the rural municipality of Wildpoldsried, Germany (population 2,500)Continue Reading

Tuesday, January 20th- Phil Lusk, Deputy Director of Power & Telecommunications in the Dept. of Public Works of the City of Port Angeles

The Key Speaker for January’s Energy Lunch Program of Jefferson County is Phil Lusk who is the Deputy Director of Power and Telecommunications in the Department of Public Works of the City of Port Angeles where a municipal electric utility has been in operation for more than 120 years.  He has realized the great significance of currently available low-power, low heat, yet high-intensity switchable LED lighting to local energy efficiency and conservation. Mr. Lusk will explain his current interest in LED technology as a major new part of the Port Angeles energy plan. Following the 2011 closure of hydropower generationContinue Reading

December 16th, 2014: Senator Bob Hasegawa, Washington State Legislature, Olympia WA

Tuesday, December 16th at 12:30 PM • Port Townsend Community Center: In December, Energy Lunch attendees heard from a strong Washington State voice for the creation of state chartered banking operations independent of Wall Street influence. The Key Speaker for the Energy Lunch Program was State Senator Bob Hasegawa of the 11th Senatorial District of Washington, which includes the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. He will be sponsoring banking legislation that highlights the successful state-chartered Bank of North Dakota, and would create similar state banking operations in Washington. The presentation by Senator Hasegawa on Tuesday, December 16th provided, to all those involvedContinue Reading

November 18, 2014: Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist, UFA Ventures

The Key Speaker for the Energy Lunch Program in November was Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist at UFA Ventures in Richland, Washington.His talk is titled:“Why New Nuclear Energy Should Be In Our Energy Future.”   Dr. Conca emphasizes natural processes ov costly engineered systems in his work with remediation of radiological, heavy metal and organic contaminants in water, soil and waste at U.S. Department of Energy sites and at industrial sites. His remarks included global energy issues, the real costs of energy, comparison of energy sources, and finding a just and sustainable energy mix for WA State and the world – aContinue Reading

Energy Lunch September 16, 2014

Tues., September 16, 2014, 12:30-1:30 PM:  Ryan Dicks, the Sustainability Manager for Pierce County, will be the presenter of this month’s Jefferson County Energy Lunch program. He directs Pierce County programs in Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Education, Green Purchasing and Recycling, Transportation, and Water Quality and Quantity.  Mr. Dicks will present his sustainability goals and policies, describe the action that has been taken within Pierce County government to improve building energy efficiency, to increase the fuel efficiency of county vehicles, to educate county staff on sustainability practices, to reduce county agency water consumption, and to build green purchasing practices and recycling.Continue Reading

Energy Lunch August 19, 2014

Tues., August 19, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m.: Mark Miller, an account executive at the Bonneville Power Administration, will discuss BPA operations and BPA’s wholesale purchase of electric power. His presentation will include discussion of the 31 federal dams and nuclear power facility, the network of power distribution lines that provide power to the Pacific Northwest region, the management of river water and fish, and the impact of wind power on the BPA transmission sources.   Last updated:Sunday, July 31, 2016

Energy Lunch July 15, 2014

Tues., July 15, 2014, 12:30-1:30 p.m.:  Dahr Jamail, a staff reporter for Truthout and a former producer and journalist for Al Jazeera in the Middle East, will present at this month’s Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program. His talk, titled “The Inadequacy of Global Hydrocarbon Energy Supplies,” is based on his years of reporting on the inadequacies and damaging effects of legacy energy systems and the global difficulties of the petroleum industry. Watch the Video. A workshop will follow from 2-3 p.m.      Last updated:Friday, October 17, 2014

Energy Lunch May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014: Clallam Transit System’s General Manager Wendy Clark-Getzin, PE, and Maintenance Manager Kevin Gallacci discuss the ongoing evolution of their public transit system and what sort of energy supply is likely to power this local ground transport of people and goods in the future. Watch The Video. Last updated:Friday, October 17, 2014

Apr. 15, 2014:  Paul B. Manson, President & CEO of Sea Breeze Power Corp., a Vancouver, Canada-based diversified renewable energy company, presented his financing experiences with renewable energy projects, including the use of professional studies, addressing political obstacles, and taking into account the accelerating transition from reliance on the fossil fuel industry. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Mar. 18, 2014:  Kurt Cobb, author and speaker from Portland, Ore., examined four key rates of energy flow — the rate of extraction of fossil fuels, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions, the rate of conversion to a new energy infrastructure, and the rate of energy consumption — and the implications for our energy destiny. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Feb. 18, 2014:  Philipp Schmidt-Pathmann, an internationally recognized authority on waste management and resource recovery, addressed the ecologic-economic challenges and opportunities associated with waste treatment technologies, and how moving away from landfill operations can contribute to economic development, climate action goals, sustainable jobs, local energy security, and resource recovery.(WATCH THE VIDEO)

Jan. 21, 2014:  Virgil Beaston, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Powin Energy in Oregon, outlined the “state of the art” in battery storage technology. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Dec. 17, 2013:  Stephen Crolius, head of the Clean Tech practice at Alliance Consulting Group in Boston, addressed how Jefferson County can move away from fossil fuels to local energy, and what that energy mix might look like in 2025 (he posits it will be primarily electricity, with anhydrous ammonia for storage). (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Nov. 19, 2013:  Jan Lars Mueller, executive director of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA (ASPO-USA), spoke about local innovation and investment, and on adapting to a “New Energy Reality.” (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Oct. 15, 2013:  Mike Henson, the chief security officer at NoaNet, discusses the need for both information and energy network security. His talk will focus on the two networks newly acquired by our county’s Public Utility District—the electric grid and fiber optic/wireless broadband communications. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Sept. 17, 2013:  Brian Evans, Ph.D., a project manager and development engineer at the Space Propulsion Group, Inc., in Sunnyvale, Calif., discussed using local green energy to produce ammonia to power gas turbine generators. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Aug. 20, 2013:  Richard C. Locke, the executive director of the state’s new Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness (which incorporated the Energy Office), discusses the developing energy policies of Governor Jay Inslee’s administration, with special commentary on how these state-wide plans might impact the numerous Jefferson County energy operations, programs, and projects now underway. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

July 16, 2013:  Tom Saxton, board member and chief science officer at Plug In America and a pioneer in the use of electric vehicles (EVs), discussed their benefits and the potential for EV tourism on the Olympic Peninsula. Check out his blog. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

June 18, 2013:  Gary Petersen of TRIDEC (Tri-City Development Council) describes the Hanford nuclear site and clean-up operations as well as current economic development plans, including continued operation of the Columbia Nuclear Power Plant and existing and future renewable energy projects. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

May 21, 2013:  John Miedema of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Initiative and BioLogical Carbon, LLC, discussed producing biofuels and biochar with pyrolysis and the opportunities this presents for local energy storage. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Apr. 16, 2013:  Jim Patton, executive director of the Port of Coupeville (which owns Greenbank Farm), and John Hastings, president and founding member of Island Community Solar on Whidbey Island, discuss profitably developing the solar energy on local farmland. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Mar. 19, 2013:  Brad Beauchamp from ROUSH CleanTech in Michigan explained the production and use of propane as a transportation fuel and describe how ROUSH came to launch its CleanTech initiative. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Feb. 19, 2013:  Representatives from Jefferson County’s Public Utility District #1 (PUD) and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) provided an update on the transition of our electric utility from private to public. The launch of the new public power utility was April 1. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Jan. 15, 2013:  Norm Olson, director of the Iowa Energy Center at Iowa State University, discussesd the role of energy in farm machinery, fertilizer and transport, as well as the possibilities for energy generation on farms. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Dec. 18, 2012:  Eileen V. Quigley, New Energy Cities program director, discussed how small- to medium-sized cities are pioneering the clean energy economy in our region. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Nov. 20, 2012:  Ted Beatty of Energy Northwest discussed balancing energy sources, variable power rates, and new energy storage systems. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Oct. 16, 2012:  State Rep. Steve Tharinger gave an update on Initiative 937 and the Washington Energy Independence Act. (WATCH THE VIDEO)

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