May 21, 2015. Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc. “Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County”

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Options for Jefferson County

Dan O’Shea, Sales Director, NW North America, ChargePoint, Inc., Campbell CA

Thursday, May 21st at 12:30 PM • Clubhouse of the Port Townsend Yacht Club

New electric vehicle (EV) energy technology – in the form of both plug-in hybrid gas-electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery-only electric vehicles (BEVs) that provide full fossil-fuel-free transportation – is beginning to transform the economy of Jefferson County. Although this transition to electric trips from fossil-fuel trips has been evolving here for some time, the changes are now becoming widely evident to all county residents and organizations. Electric cars, electric scooters, and public charging stations are starting to appear and the advantages of EV use are a more frequent part of local economic discussions.  As with the technological changes that came with previous introduction of cell-phones, internet access, and social media, the county economy will be permanently affected.

Moving to EV use in Jefferson County, however, is more complicated than simply increasing the number and ownership of EVs. There is the requirement for EV charging station installation and for the creation – in the public commons – of a readily accessible EV charging infrastructure. Although this infrastructure will be costly to create, it offers important new revenue opportunities to the Public Utility District in new sales of electric power for transportation and it is essential to attract as tourists or visitors the growing number of EV-equipped individuals and families from Seattle, Olympia, Victoria and elsewhere.

Our Key Speaker in May will directly address this issue of new EV charging infrastructure.

The Key Speaker for the Energy Lunch Program in May is Dan O’Shea, Manager in the Seattle Region for ChargePoint, Inc., a rapidly growing California company that, according to its fact sheet, operates “the world’s largest most open Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network” with “over 22,000 charging spots” where EV drivers plug-in to charge up (on average) “every six seconds” thereby having replaced with electric trips (in aggregate) nearly 200 million miles of fossil fuel trips and having eliminated (in aggregate) over 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Mr. O’Shea’s Key Speaker presentation will cover (i) the growth of ChargePoint since the installation of its first EV charging station in San Jose CA in 2009; (ii) a summary of Level 1 Chargers, Level 2 Chargers, and DC Fast Chargers; (iii) the network interface for EV charging equipment through internet and cell-phone links; (iv) the typical EV driver experience in using publicly accessible EV chargers; (v) charger installation costs and contracting; (vi) electric utility revenue and load balancing opportunities; (vii) EV charging programs of national corporations; (viii) EV charging systems for managers of vehicle fleets; (ix) administration of public charging locations; (x) local tourism promotion opportunities with an established county-wide EV charging network; and (xi) projected growth through 2020 and beyond of EV use and charging infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest .

Jefferson County residents, small businesses, planning officials, transportation operators and managers, entrepreneurs, and energy and climate activists will want to attend this presentation on the development of new EV charging infrastructure in Jefferson County.

To view a recording of this presentation, please click on the following link:

Local Sponsors of the Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program are Power Trip Energy, Sunshine Propane, Huber’s INN, Alaska Power & Telephone Company, Port of Port Townsend, Frederickson Electric, the Port Townsend Paper Company, and Port Townsend Friends of Energy Lunch.

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