November 18, 2014: Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist, UFA Ventures

The Key Speaker for the Energy Lunch Program in November was Dr. James Conca, Senior Scientist at UFA Ventures in Richland, Washington.His talk is titled:“Why New Nuclear Energy Should Be In Our Energy Future.”   Dr. Conca emphasizes natural processes ov costly engineered systems in his work with remediation of radiological, heavy metal and organic contaminants in water, soil and waste at U.S. Department of Energy sites and at industrial sites. His remarks included global energy issues, the real costs of energy, comparison of energy sources, and finding a just and sustainable energy mix for WA State and the world – a mix that could eradicate global poverty using approximately 30 trillion kWh per year.

Dr. Conca appears on the website of Forbes magazine where he writes weekly “about nuclear, energy and the environment.”

Video Link to Energy Lunch presentation:

Link to pdf of Powerpoint presentation: EnergyLunch_Conca_111814

See Forbes site:


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