How You Can Participate

This website is full of ways that a person can get involved in the transition toward sustainability… from expanding awareness to taking a leadership role in a project.

The Local 20/20 Event Announcements and Calendar are good sources of information about Permaculture Conferenceall kinds of sustainability-related events happening in Port Townsend and East Jefferson County. Films, presentations and discussion groups all help to expand our collective awareness of what the real issues are and what can be done about them.

There is a lot of information contained on these web pages, as well, and more and more all the time. Check out the Posts for an action group you are interested in, and make use of the commenting feature to expand the conversation.

Of course, there are lifestyle choices that can be made to help lighten one’s footprint on the planet. BicyclistYou will find suggestions for these throughout this website as well as at informational events published in the Local 20/20 newsletter. Individual lifestyle choices are important, but even more important are the system changes (political, economic, social) that make it easier for us to choose a more sustainable way of life. This level of influence is more easily tackled as a group…

All action groups welcome new members. The Calendar should contain information about meeting times and places, but it is always good to check with someone to make sure there hasn’t been a last-minute change. The appropriate email address can be found on the Contacts page or on the home page for the action group. All meetings are open to anyone and showing up implies no obligation on your part. Hopefully, though, it clicks.

Do you have a particular passion that does not really fit into the scope of an existing active action group? You may want to start your own action group, revive a dormant one, or initiate a specific project. One way to get started on this would be to use the Local 20/20 Announcements newsletter to put out some feelers, see if you can connect with some like-minded folk who would like to join in. If you drum up some interest, in this or other ways, come to a Local 20/20 Council meeting to make a proposal and get official acknowledgment as part of 20/20. We can help jumpstart your project with a ready website, online calendar,  a large and expanding email list, 501(c)3 status, a bank account & accounting system, and lots of startup experience around the table.

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