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PT High SchoolLocal 20/20 is proud to be sponsoring X PRIZE $2000, a competition between teams of students at Port Townsend High School. Students who opt to participate will work with a team on a project intended to promote some aspect of community resilience – something supportive of Local 20/20’s mission statement:

Working together toward local sustainability and resilience – integrating ecology, economy and community through action and education.

Winners will be decided by a panel of local judges. The top two teams selected will each win half of the $2000 prize.

If this program is a success, the hope is that next year it will expand to Chimacum High School.

What better way to engage our local community in issues of resilience than by engaging our younger generation? Tomorrow’s leaders. Join us in celebrating this opportunity by encouraging as many students as possible to participate.

Simple rules:

  • Teams will consist of a minimum of three students, at least one of whom is not a senior,
  • The team will engage with one issue important to the local community which promotes sustainability and community resilience.
  • Project ideas will be approved by the judges at the start.
  • Teams will be matched with an adult mentor who has expertise in the project area chosen
  • Local judges will choose two teams who will each receive $1000.

If teams wish to participate but need help choosing an appropriate project, here is a list of possible ideas to build on…

  • reducing food waste through composting
  • installing a public solar hot water system
  • using waste heat productively
  • new ways of reusing currently unrecyclable waste
  • new ways of reducing waste altogether
  • using/creating biochar to promote soil fertility and sequester carbon
  • collection and use of rainwater (without electricity)
  • promoting alternative non-petrol transportation options
  • an inventive way of addressing affordable housing
  • creating living-wage jobs (or supplemental jobs)
  • ideas for living more cheaply and with less Stuff

Anyone reading this post who has more ideas about possible projects is encouraged to add a comment here with those thoughts.

Questions about this program can be directed to xprize@L2020.org.  If you have skills you think may be useful and are open to being a mentor, please also use this address to let us know.


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