Energy Action

The Intent

The Local 20/20 Energy Action Group (EAG) brings together people interested in energy issues monthly for discussions, presentations and occasional action projects. The EAG supports the Climate Action Plan of the City of Port Townsend/Jefferson County, and the imperative that climate change is impacted by human greenhouse gas emissions.

The EAG is dedicated to finding practical answers to help us locally to conserve energy, save money, enhance our self-reliance and strengthen our community. As an Action Group, we initiate programs and events intended to result in smarter energy use in Jefferson County. Our formal mission is to

  • Educate people on energy policy, technology and trends through
    Discussing the pros and cons of current national and state energy policies, and
    Rethinking how we power our world today
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Jefferson County by
    Conserving energy in commercial and residential applications, and
    Investing in local renewable energy production


solar houseaudit

Projects, Past and Present

The EAG is active in many energy projects ranging including conservation, passive houses,  conventional and renewable energy production and electric vehicles.  Detailed descriptions of these projects are on a separate page.

Energy Lunch Program

Currently the Energy Action Group participates in the monthly Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program, which sponsors a series of monthly speakers and programs on energy issues relevant to Jefferson County. We invite you to join these community conversations about local energy issues through these free lunchtime programs.

Opportunities to Participate

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month in Port Townsend, beginning promptly at 3:30p and ending not later than 5:00p.  Local 20/20′s Energy Action Group welcomes new members looking for information on local renewable energy resources and conservation.

Contact Information

If you would like additional information or would like to confirm the meeting location, e-mail us at The EAG usually, but not always, meets in the conference room of First Federal Bank at 1321 Sims Way, Port Townsend.

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