Neighborhood Preparedness Leads

Neighborhood Preparedness Leaders

There are three main sections to this web page.

  1. Resources for Neighborhood Preparedness (NPREP) Leads
  2. Group mailing list
  3. Q&As

Resources for Neighborhood Preparedness (NPREP) Leads

  1. L2020 Neighborhood Preparedness Toolkit
  2. Organizer FAQs (To be added [TBA] when time permits)
  3. A list of handout materials (TBA)
    1. Jefferson County Comprehensive Emergency Plan ( Large 66p PDF)
    2. Neighborhood Emergency Planning Guide ( 9p PDF)
    3. Template for Neighborhood Emergency Plan (Google Doc | MS Word) (TBA)
    4. Topic specific handouts (View numbers 508-513)
    5. ThinkPlanDo book (?p PDF)

Group mailing list

If you are a Neighborhood Preparedness organizer, you are invited to click on the link below (Item 3) to join/subscribe to a Google Group (GG) mailing list where you and other fellow organizers can ask questions, share information and help each other to enhance your neighborhood organization.

  1. NOTE 1: After you click the link in step 3 below, and before you click the “Join” button, be sure to select an email delivery option OTHER than ‘Don’t send email updates”. I recommend selecting “Notify me for every new message”. If you leave the default (“Don’t send email updates”), you will never get an email from your peer leads.
  2. NOTE 2: We recommend you check the box that says “Automatically subscribe me to email updates when I post to a topic.”
  3. Click this link to join/subscribe

This new GG for leads does not replace the master NPREP mailing list. It is an adjunct communication channel for leads to talk to leads.

The  NPREP Team (Elizabeth, Tanda, Thad, Jeffrey, Elissa, Deborah and Pete) has already subscribed to the GG so we can contribute as well.

Below are links to the message archive, list of members, and sending messages to the GG.

  1. Click here to view the NPREP-LEADS message archive.
    1. If you want to change how you receive emails, hover over the “person” icon to the left of the “gear” icon to see “My Settings”, click on it then click on “Membership and email settings”.
  2. Click here to view all of the NPREP-LEAD members.
  3. Click here to send a message to NPREP-LEAD mailing list. To:
    1. Only subscribed members can send to the mailing list.
    2. Consider searching the message archives to see if there is an existing thread/topic that you can reply to so we build upon previous experience and knowledge.
    3. When you receive an email from the mailing list, you can REPLY (back to author) or REPLY ALL to all members of the list.
      1. As a courtesy, if you REPLY ALL, remove all e-addresses except “” so recipients receive only ONE copy of the email.

Q&As about using this new Google Group mailing list

Since we anticipate that some of you will  have questions about Google Groups and the mailing, please review this preliminary list of Q&As.

Q1: Do I need a Google Account or a “” email address to join this GG.
A1: No, you can use your regular email address.

Q2: I need to limit the amount of email I get.  Can I get a weekly digest?
A2: You can not get weekly digests but you can get daily digests. Click this link, then click on the icon in the upper right corner to the left of the “gear” icon. When you hover over it, it will say “My Settings”. Click on it, then click on “Membership and email settings” and a pop-up window will appear. Click on the “downward” arrow to the right of “Email delivery preference” and select your email delivery option.


Suggestions to improve this web page

We’d like to read any suggestions you have to improve this web page. Either …

  • click here to view a copy of the contents of this web page in a Google Doc where you can target your suggestions to specific text, or
  • click here send us an email. Thank you.
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