This page is Local 20/20’s central location for information relating to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  It is updated frequently.

The focus of this page is to disseminate accurate public health and community information related to East Jefferson County. Local 20/20 supports efforts to build short- and long-term community resilience even as we practice social distancing in the face of this pandemic.

Note: External links on this page are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only. Local 20/20 bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of any external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

Reliable Information Sources 

It is very important to stay informed with the correct and accurate information. The media, social networks and internet are plagued with inaccurate or speculative information.  Five reliable sources from the Jeffco Dept. of Emergency Mgmt (DEM):


Give Assistance — Want to help?

Jefferson County Dept. of Emergency Management has information:
– volunteering or donating through OlyCap
– medical, security, or emergency responder volunteering through DEM
– Community Face Mask Program

Receive Assistance — Need help?

  • OlyCap helps children and families by creating a seamless culture of commitment, strengthening and expanding community connections, and linking families to necessary service and support.
  • EDC Team Jefferson, the state-designated economic development council (EDC) for Jefferson County, has a compilation of COVID-19 Resources for businesses.
  • LION COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program. LION has established a new loan program for Jefferson County businesses and non-profits needing funding to deal with the COVID-19 emergency. A fast track process has been established to handle the applications.
  • Jeffco Mutual Aid is a new organization dedicated to support workers directly impacted by layoffs or other covid-19 upsets. Get involved by Requesting Funds or Providing Funds.
  • Dove House Advocacy Services
    Office, and 24/7 crisis line 360-385-5291
    Advocacy, basic needs, housing assistance, and other resources for recent and past victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and general crime.
  • Volunteers of America Crisis Response Services
    For Jefferson County call 888-910-0416
    Online chat support:
    24/7 free, confidential emotional support for individuals in crisis and/or considering suicide.
  • CDC Covid-19:  Managing Anxiety and Stress
  • Discovery Behavioral Health, serving East Jefferson County
    360-385-0321  M-F 8am-5pm
    24 Hour Telephone Crisis Services 360-385-0321 (forwarded to Volunteers of America after hours)
    Their primary focus is meeting the mental health needs of those covered by Medicaid.
    Crisis Services are available to all.
  • The Benji Project
    Questions?  Contact Teresa 360-821-1960
    For middle and high school age students. Trained teachers host free 1-hour sessions to share stress relief, connection, and coping practices, twice a week.

Food Sources

Use the links below to connect with our local food system.  This information is updated regularly.

Jefferson County Map of Food Sources. Type in your address, or drop a pin, and find Meal Programs, Food Banks, Food Service (Restaurants), Grocery Stores, Farmstands and Farmer’s Markets on a visual map within a set radius of your address.
GIS Map from Jefferson County.

  • Farms
  • Restaurants
      • Interactive Restaurant table or Printable Restaurant PDF. Sortable, searchable, printable list of East Jefferson County Restaurants. Contains delivery and take-out info. Last updated 3/29/20.
      • Map with icons of Food Source locations. (Type in an address for a detailed list including Restaurants to appear).
  • Groceries
    • Interactive Grocery Store table or Printable Grocery Store PDF. Sortable, searchable, printable list of East Jefferson County Grocery Stores. Contains hours, ordering, delivery and pick-up information. Last updated 3/30/20.
    • Map with icons of Food Source locations. (Type in an address for a detailed list including Grocery Stores to appear)
  • Food Assistance Programs
      • Community Centers & Meal Programs
        • Interactive Meal Program table or Printable Meal Program PDF. Sortable, searchable, printable list of East Jefferson County Community Centers and Meal Programs. Contains hours & contact information. Last updated 3/25/20.
        • Map with icons of Food Source locations. (Type in an address for a detailed list including Meal Programs and Food Banks to appear)
      • Food Assistance Programs — Includes information on Food Banks, Taxi service, School Food Distribution,  Jefferson County Public Health WIC program, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) programs.  Last updated 3/24/20.
  • Grow Your Own

Community Events Online

Many community events of all kinds are still happening, they’re just happening online. Free WiFi access points and community event listings are below.

N95 Masks

N95 masks are in VERY short supply in Jefferson County, and many people want to help. Please do not go to or call the hospital or other clinics about masks.

  • Do you have masks you might donate? Take a survey to help NPREP and DEM determine if there are any N95 masks available in Jefferson County neighborhoods (by individuals or local neighborhood supplies) that could be donated to health care providers and other emergency responders in need. Take Survey
  • Do you want to make masks? Information on the Community Face Mask Program is available through the Dept. of Emergency Management’s volunteering page.

It Takes a Village

This COVID-19 Resource page is the result of many different community groups coming together and providing hours of work. Thank you to the following organizations who are providing the content you see on this page.

  • The Community Wellness Project
  • Dept. Of Emergency Management
  • Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County
  • Jefferson Community Foundation
  • Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center
  • Jefferson County Farmers Market Association
  • Jefferson County Food Bank Association
  • Jefferson Healthcare
  • Local 20/20
  • Washington State University Extension Small Farms Program

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