Garden Options

Many models exist for increasing our local food supply through harvesting from our neighborhoods. Here’s a few to get you thinking.

Backyard Garden
This year plant a few seeds in your yard and you too can be a backyard gardener. Once you taste the the abundant flavor of your own produce, you’ll want to plant more, and more. For some inspiration about what you can do in your own backyard, check out this video interview of Judy Alexander and her amazing backyard garden: 

Community Garden

If you aren’t ready to dig up your yard, or perhaps don’t have a good sunny spot to garden, consider joining a community garden. Click here to see a list of gardens and contacts for each.

If you’d like to find a garden space near you, or know of a space that might be available for a community garden, contact us.

Backyard Farmer
Another interesting model of  growing produce  in your  neighborhood  is to hire someone  to  plant and tend your back yard garden. “Your BackYard Farmer” in Portland Oregon is now in its 3rd season and created this model of Urban backyard farming as a CSA. Check out the website:
Certainly something similar could be started in Port Townsend, if it doesn’t already exist.

Port Townsend has many fruit trees that are not being harvested. The Quimper Community Harvest organizes volunteers to pick trees and deliver fruit to local food banks, senior housing, and the schools. Volunteers also glean from local farms. Check out details here.

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